When should I have my baby shower?

When is a good time to have your baby shower?


I’m having mine a month before my due date.

I’m due May 21st and I had my baby shower March 23rd.

I read somewhere about 6 weeks before your due date is the sweet spot.

4-8 weeks before you’re due just in case baby comes early :slight_smile:

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A month for most people but to be safe maybe a month and a half before if you’re worried about baby coming early

Im having mine a month before my due date

Old wives tale - never before your 7th month.

I had mine 1 month to my due date

Id say about 2 months b4 your due date

I had mine 2 months before my due date.

I decided to have mine early because I was due in February and wanted to do it before people might have to travel in bad weather. I also wanted to do it before I was too uncomfortable so I had it in November when I was 28 weeks. Which worked out well as I got Bell’s palsy at 32 weeks and then my water broke at 35 weeks and 5 days lol.

I had mine 1 month before

I’m having mine on April 6th and my due date is May 27.

I’m due July 8th and I’m having mine May 5th.

I think I was around 30 u want time to buy things u don’t get and return things set up the nursery etc

Usually about a month before you’re due.

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I had mine in August. I was due in Jan. Im 100% glad i had it so early. Why? Because once October hit i was in and out of the hospital until he was born dec 8

Im having mine may 4 and my due date is may 26

i had mine early. i was due in mid Jan, had it beginning of october. its the only time i had to do it. 🤷🏼
really, its whenever is the best time for you.