When should I introduce my kids to my boyfriend?

How soon is to soon to introduce a new man into your children’s lives and let that man come over to your home when the children are there? One week ago, my daughter n law moved out of her and my son’s home, she took the children ( 5&10 yr old) and moved into her own place. She already has a new boyfriend who she’s letting come over while the children are there. I’m definitely not comfortable with this for several reasons. My issue isn’t with her having a boyfriend; it’s the issue of bringing him to my grandchildren’s home within a week. They haven’t even adjusted to their parent’s breakup yet or leaving what they’ve called home all their lives before. I think it’s just to soon and would feel the same if it were my son doing this. Am I unfair? I just want my grandkids to put before a man.


That’s way to soon to be moving a man in. I would say 6 months to a year.


There’s nothing you can do about it. They might be your grandkids, but they are her kids. Mind your own business.


I think the boyfriend was already in the picture,or he is the father of either of the children. It is just my opinion .dont take it to heart.

That’s a big no no and I’m with you on this one.


You don’t always get what YOU want.

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They are not even divorced yet! I’m with you, too soon!


Sadly your not the father and there is nothing you can do 💁 yes it seems to be too soon but still at the end if the day its her decision


Me and my kids fathers just split. We moved out of his house. I wouldn’t be comfortable even thinking of being with someone new around my kids for at least a year. (was with their father for 10 years.)

Too soon, not right for her kids… I feel your question was valid


It’s important to have someone you want apart of your life to meet your children and vice versa. If they can’t mesh together time and feelings are saved. No different than her having a male friend visit. Also, you can’t say you want your grandkids being put first! Your implying because she has moved on that she is not putting “HER” kids first, which is a immature thing to imply. Her moving on has nothing to do with if she puts her kids first. You have no clue what went on in their marriage. It’s best you play your part as Grandma and stop implying she’s not putting her kids first. I’m sure your parenting journey was no walk in the park.

Mind your business and let your son handle business, he is not a child anymore and needs to learn how to stand on his own and work out the problems with his children’s mother without your interference.


Its not your place to say. If shes a good mother support her choices. Your the grandparent stay focused on the kids and the kids alone


When my current man and I got together 7yrs ago I hung out with him at night when my kids were sleep. I feel like until I know where we are going they would never see men in and out. I dont want the confusion and broken hearts so it’s best to wait until a full relationship has been established. By full established I mean are you 2 committed to each other are you both headed in the same direction. Then the last step is to introduce the kids. I think a lot of people move way top quickly, kids get attached and then they break up causing all kinds of heartache for the kids.

I agree it’s too soon but you are just grandma and don’t have much of a say in what she does in her own home… I’m sure she will do what she feel is best for her children and considering their ages they are fully aware and capable of voicing their feelings if they have an issue


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Sadly you are the mom in law and there is nothing u can or should do. Remember she is the gatekeeper ur grandkids. Mind ur own business and grit ur teeth.

Oh absolutely u are thinking about the children my parents never.divorced but.it must.be a shock to them let them adjust first slowly introduce this new man to thier lives good luck

The grandmother may not have rights to say what the mother does, but I agree with her that it is too soon to bringing a new man into their lives. Kids need to be protected and don’t need to meet every man/woman their parents date.


I am guessing she knows him a lot longer than you think.