When should I let my daughter shave her legs?

Hi, I was wondering what age is a good age to allow my nine-year-old to shave her legs? She’s very insecure about her leg hair when she wears shorts. Also, the hair on her legs is dark and kind of thick, so it’s definitely noticeable. She’s going into 3rd grade, and I’m considering helping her shave her legs, but my mom feels it’s too soon. I just wanted some other mama’s opinions. Thanks!


I started shaving at 10 so I mean my mom was ok with it but I also started puberty at young age too so

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When should I let my daughter shave her legs?

Get her nair for now and teach her to shave when she’s able to be trusted with a razor.

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My child is 12 and only does it when they feel like it…

Maybe use an electric razor instead of a bladed razor? She won’t need as much help and she won’t risk cutting herself


Every child is different. I let my daughter start at 10, because she was super self conscious about the hair on her legs. She could also be trusted with a razor


If she’s insecure about it I say let her. :woman_shrugging:maybe an electric one for now?

You could try a gentle nair cream

I am a hairy gal and when my 10 year old said she hates her leg hair and wants to shave - I handed her an electric razor. She hasn’t really done it because as you know it’s a bit of a chore but she knows how and can of she feels like she wants to.


I feel like this is something for you and your babygirl to discuss. Females are starting to hit puberty much earlier than they used too. I love the idea of you helping her. Especially if its making her feel insecure. :heart::heart::heart: i would NOT recommend using nair or anything hair removal product as it can cause reactions to sensitive skins.

Try sugar waxing. Virtually pain free and no risk of cuts or burns and all natural! I do it! Nair works on less coarse hair well!

If it bothers her then let her shave her legs get her an electric razor so she won’t cut herself

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At 9 I let my daughter shave to her knee. She’s almost 11 now and is just now shaving her whole leg😭 do what you both are comfortable with. My biggest thing was I didn’t want my baby growing up. Lol. I know sounds stupid but it’s the truth.

I honestly feel it should be up to the parent. Everyone’s hair grows differently. My 11 yr old started this year. We are Italian, Native American (my daughter are also African American) so our hair is outta control. My 8 yr old twins want their brows waxed as they are crazy but I think they are too young for waxing rn.

I got an electric razor for my daughter (she’s 10). She loves it, it’s easy and she can’t cut herself with it so we both feel safe.

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I agree with Tanya Vaughn

My daughter is 7 about to be 8 going into 3rd and she refused to wear shorts because kids made fun of her leg hair so I shaved them for her. So she would be more comfortable. Kids are so mean and will literally pick on someone for the dumbest things these days so if she is insecure then I say go for it

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11 or 12 when they start puberty

Who cares what your mom thinks? It’s her body, if she feels the need to, then get her An electric razor and show her. She should feel in charge of her own body not a distant relative.


With our kids starting puperty early . Times come early. My daughter started shaving early but we used a electric razor and moved from there

IMO when they start feeling uncomfortable about it. Explain it does grow back and start with an electric razor. Is safer at first.

Let her shave 🤦 She told you she is insecure about the hair on her legs. Her feelings are valid. Listen to her.


My twins started with cold waxing then we moved to electric razors now they are 15 and use razors

I was in about 5th or 6th grade when i started shaving and my mom had me start with an electric razor. I would definitely have her start with an electric razor than an actual one

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Help her. I was in the same situation with my daughters (12 and 14 now). I’d never want them to be self conscious and uncomfortable so I did it for them at first.

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Shaving makes the hair come back thicker and more course

I let my daughter start at 10, and after she was allowed to do it, she hates it. She cannot be bothered with women’s rituals of hair, make up, making sure her legs are smooth etc… She prefers to eb a tomboy outside with her brother…

This seems so young but if she’s insecure about it let her shave
Especially if she has dark thick hair


If she is insecure about her leg hair start helping her now shave them

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My parents wouldn’t let me so I stole my dad’s razor and shaved my legs dry and I put his then-dull razor back. All hell broke loose the next morning, but I got to have my own electric razor after that.


I was teased as a child because of my leg hair. At 9, I’d get one of the electric razors and have you do it to show her how and this shows her how much you care and will lead to other conversations that she may not have felt comfortable talking about. Hopefully all that made sense. “Normalize” that everyone has hair and if you don’t like it, here are the alternatives. Save her from ridicule from others and her own insecurities.


Should let her start removing hair when she is self conscious about it. My daughter started with Nair and has never chosen to move to a razor.

If she has expressed interest in shaving and is uncomfortable in her own skin, it’s time.


My daughters have been shaving since 9 years old

If it is making your daughter insecure then she is the ONLY opinion that matters. We need to sometimes stop and really listen to our children. Let her shave em. Or try a small patch test with Nair.


This is not meant to sound snotty, but I’m sure it’s going to. But I would be more worried about how my daughter feels than my mom. Mom isn’t worried about being teased.
If my daughter (she’s also 9) wanted to shave, I would buy an electric razor and show her how it’s done. Shaving her leg hair is zero harm.


Let her shave. No harm and she will feel better about herself

I’d gave her wax or use nair so it’s not coming back thicker

If it’s noticeable & it’s causing her issues then teach & help her.

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If it makes her uncomfortable show/help her shave them. 9 isn’t to young if it’s something that’s bothering her.

Don’t shave, rather use hair removal cream, so much better

My daughter is 9 and we have to trim her hair with clippers because she was getting bullied at school :sob:

Whenever she asks and wants to. It’s her body. My mom wouldn’t let me use a real razor at first so we used veet but it wasn’t long before I used a real razor.

She is quit young tho but ill suggest u use a no hair removal cream or sensitive wax…dont use a razor as the razor leaves ugly marks or might just cut her

My ten your old feels same way I think to young though but she was asking before 10 as well by seeing someone else do it but she wears pants all the time right now anyway even in school home shorts.but if let her do she would also shave every part of body even arms and she has tried doing arms and grew back thicker in that area.

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If it’s making her uncomfortable now, let her do it now and teach her the right way to do it.


If your child is asking and is insecure then it’s time. If you don’t let her she’ll just go behind your back and do it like I did when my grandma wouldn’t let me shave when I kept asking and was insecure. Soon as I got to a friends house I did it there :woman_shrugging:


U need to do what u think is best for ur daughter and her happiness.

She hasn’t asked lately though

I would worry abt her skin being sensitive for any type chemical in Nair etc. But I would allow her to shave.

I let my daughter use Nair at 10 and a razor at 11,she has dark brown hair so her leg hair and underarm hair is very noticeable

If it bothers her and its super noticeable. Nomatter the age. If u feel it will help her feel better. Then go for it. My sis told me recently she shaved her nine year old daughters bc it was noticeable and was bothering her. Do what u feel is right.

Now if she’s self conscious about it …

If she’s insecure then let her shave simple

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Have her do the nair hair removal…That’s what my diabetic friend did

I’d take her to try waxing. giving a 9yo a razor seems irresponsible

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Start with an electric razor until she’s ready for a razor. Be careful using chemicals like nare some have allergies to it and if kept on too long can eat the skin. I had that issue and it was terrible

Girls are becoming more in tune with their bodies sooner, so if she wants to learn teach her. The opinions of others, especially grandparents that grew up in a whole different era, doesn’t matter. She’s trusting you to listen to her. As crazy as it sounds, this one little thing could make her feel so much more comfortable with you in the future about more serious things.


Now is the time then. Either get her nair or an electric razor if you’re more comfortable with her starting out with that instead of a regular razor. But let her do it. I was teased relentlessly because of my leg and underarm hair.

I have seen how mean kids can be to girls with long dark leg hair when I was in school. Even the school asked the mom eventually if she can allow her daughter to shave her legs, her mom refused because she was still “too young” but this girl had so much self esteem issues for a long time, but she was beautiful and it could’ve been avoided. It’s hair, shave them, wax them but listen to how your daughter feels!

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I let my daughter use nair spray on, you spray it on her let’s and then just wash it off with water after 5 mins cause she has alot of leg hair but we don’t want her using a razor yet

Same boat as I was in. My mom let me start shaving as soon as it was bothering me. I’m so glad. It was contributing to a lot of anxiety for me.


Maybe instead of shaving , find a hair removal cream?
Last longer and no cuts

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I found this illustration helpful while raising my three girls.

In a chicken coop, if you take one of the identical chicks and paint a dot on its back, the flock will peck it to death.
My advice is don’t paint a dot on her back. I’m not saying you should “go with the crowd” on matters of modesty, morality or health, but if shaving the noticeable hair off her legs helps her feel less self conscious, I would let her shave. This is not a battle I would find worth fighting.


If she is self conscious about it then it is time

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Soon as she feels ready to! So long as she’s well aware that once you start you can’t stop unless you choose to

Many years ago…I started shaving my legs in 4 th grade…so, yeah I think 10 or 11 is fine… worked for me…

My daughter is the same way. She refused to wear shorts because she was so embarrassed by the hair on her legs. I let her start using Nair at 9. I wasn’t comfortable with her using a razor.

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Use nair or hair removal cream if your worried about shaving

If its noticeable let her shave. Girls have it hard enough, don’t need something she can control bringing her self esteem down.

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They make the razors that don’t cut u and it’s not those electronic ones I had as a kid. It was one of those as seen on tv things and I love mine. I let my autistic 13 year old use it to help her learn how to shave her legs and underarms.

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I don’t recall the age or grade I was in when I started shaving but I was waxing and tweezing my eyebrows in grade 5 cause my eye brows were thick and joining together I was getting teased

Some kid was prolly mean but hey it’s a mom area an nothing wrong with shaving .

Does she want to? Let her. It’s her body to feel comfortable in. I would try a hair removal cream vs. shaving at 9.

About 11/12 years old I let my daughter do it. Once it made her feel uncomfortable and insecure, I supported her on doing it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If it’s bothering her then it’s time. I’m almost 74 so I can’t remember when I started but I do know that I never asked my mother, I just did it. I am thinking I may have been in 7th grade. I was a late bloomer but I think girls are reaching puberty much earlier now.

If she feels insecure, I would help her shave/wax. I had super black thick leg and arm hair, and got made fun of for it as a kid. I ended up shaving without telling my mom and I was around her age.


Lol I mean I was shaving my legs at that age when there was not even hair there :sob::joy:hair shaving isn’t recommended in woman it’s kinda a natural thing :woman_shrugging: but me on the other end I hate body hair :joy:

Anytime she wants to start :grin: Everyone start at different ages. Good luck!


I wasn’t allowed to shave until high school and kids were really mean about it. I told myself that if I ever have daughters this wouldn’t happen. When my daughter was in 2nd grade kids were calling her werewolf. It was 2 days before spring break and that week we shaved her legs. The smile on her face that following Monday when she went to school was all I needed to know I made the right decision.


When my girls were that age they played sports and were very uncomfortable wearing shorts because of leg hair. I bought them a no cut electric shaver to learn and they loved it!!!

I started when I was 10… I plan to let my girls start when they’re around the same age

I’d get some Nair if you feel actual shaving is to soon still. All you do is apply, leave on for I think 3 to 5 minutes and then wipe off with a damp washcloth.

Allow her to do it, especially if she is self conscious about it now.


The age for this isnt the same for everyone

I remember my grandmother wouldn’t let me shave at 10 so my oldest female cousin taught me. Ask her what she wants to do because one way or another she’ll figure it out.

Whenever they were ready. My girls were both 12 when they wanted the hair gone, they have very light red hair and it didn’t bother them when they were younger. If she is embarrassed or uncomfortable momma help her out an do it until you feel comfortable letting her do it herself.

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My now 12 year old started using an electric razor at age 7 because her legs were very hairy and SHE was self conscious about it. I didn’t let her start using a real razor until last summer (she was heading into 6th grade).

My now 9 year old just used an electric razor for the first time last week. She had been begging for a few months now because she was embarrassed.

It’s their bodies, their choice. If at any age my daughter doesn’t like it and feels insecure at any time, Ill show her how to do it safely and let her at it.

My daughter just turned 10 and I started her out with the Venus razors and the first time I shaved her legs for her and showed her how to do it. Now she shaved about every 2 weeks her hair don’t grow fast thank goodness.

Buy her a electric shaver and show her how to shave momma. Don’t let her be bullied and all cause u won’t let her shave.


I would teach her :slight_smile: they are her legs after all. If the hair makes her insecure please teach her

Another repeat post. Annoying.

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I’d say let her but use an electric razor for better safety. I know a few 3rd graders that shave because their hair is dark and thick already.
Their moms say that it’s already a confusing, insecure time in their lives with puberty so why add to it by denying something so simple. Or I also know others who empower their daughters about how natural and beautiful their body hair is and it’s not something to be embarrassed about. No one should only live by societal rules of beauty. Best of luck


I started shaving my legs when I was nine for the same reason

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When she wants to is a good time, she is aware so it will only be bad by telling her she cant

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Teach her how to shave properly, either with a regular razor or buy her an electric one.

Grand daughters 10 and she just started warned her once you start its a forever thang!

I started shaving in y5 due to peer pressure “it was cool” I was 11 but I was too embarrassed to ask my mum incase she’s say no
So I tried to do it on my own in my bedroom with dads shaving cream, one of my mums unopened razors and a container of water
Safe to say it didn’t go well :sweat_smile:
Talk to her about it but tell all aspects of shaving like it grows back thicker and darker
I thought it was a once off thing… if I had known it would of come back I probably wouldn’t have done it till later as my leg hair was pretty fair