When should I see my doctor about my depression?

I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my second child. I was with my children’s father for a little over 4 years, and we recently broke up. I used to suffer from depression fairly often before we got together, but when we were together, it was much easier to deal with, and I only had depressed feelings every now and then. Since we’ve broken up, though, I’ve had depressed feelings more and more frequently, and I’m not sure if it’s just being sad from the breakup and my hormones or if my depression is spiking. I was wondering if my feeling depressed this close to having the baby may cause me to have a higher chance of suffering from postpartum depression and if I should go ahead and talk to my doctor.


Sooner rather than later. I had postpartum and am also a therapist. Early intervention is always better!

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I would talk to your doctor now. Its best to try to get mentally healthy now. After the baby things will be hard, especially on a single mom.


I highly recommend talking with your doctor or OB as soon as you can! I have a history of depression and started feeling a little blah towards the end of my pregnancy. My OB & I formulated a plan (with the help of my primary care doctor) to start antidepressants in the hospital as soon as I delivered as a preventive measure. I was able to combat some of the postpartum “crazies” that way! The more open you are with your doctors now, the better your postpartum care will be. They’re fantastic at checking in with you after the baby is born, too (most pediatricians even check in with how Mom is doing at every well-visit for the first year).


Talk to your ob next appointment, there are treatments available.

As others have said. Do it now! I was put on a medication durning my pregnancy and while it didn’t make the depression disappear it made it more bearable as I was dealing with hormones. Better safe than sorry.

You should speak with a mental health professional asap. I battle depression and regret trying to do it on my own

Yes u will get ppd… and it gets baaaaad especially if u get on a birth control like nexplanon or deli these cause depression
St. John’s wort after birth works well
Talk to ur doctor

My wife said you should talk to your doctor

Definitely go ahead & talk to your dr that way they can monitor u more closely

You should definitely talk to your doctor

Talk to someone now. No need to analyze it all yourself let the Dr do that.
What your about to face with post partum can get to be much much worse. Be ready and on top for you and your baby.

Yes talk to your doctor and yes you’re more likely to get postpartum. If you get postpartum it’s a whole new level of depression. It’s worst at least for me it was. I had thoughts that never stopped. Thoughts of taking my own life. The sooner you talk to your doctor the better. I’ve had depression throughout my life.

it might be a little bit of both. I would suggest speaking with your doctor, there’s no shame in that and there’s no shame in feeling depressed from time to time. Your Doctor will help you through it, just hang in there…Sending you hugs

Please seek help immediately! :cry: depression is not an easy thing to deal with specially with all the maternity issues coming your way! My advise is to do it ASAP don’t wait it’s not good for you or your unborn baby! You did good by opening about your feelings! It’s a good beginning ! God bless you :two_hearts:

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It’s probably a little of both and it’s probably going to get worse after the baby is born. Postpartum depression is normal but very hard to deal with. You should talk to your Dr now before the birth.


Tall to your doctor ASAP. I don’t have kids, so I can’t speak for the hormones being part of the cause. But I’ve had my own struggles with depression and almost waited too late. Regardless of the cause or causes, you need to get yourself some help. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Always speak to a health care provider about your depression.

Absolutely call your doctor… :yellow_heart:

Yes talk to the Dr don’t be ashamed. Do it now.