When should i stop breastfeeding as my baby is 2 yo?

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When you feel it’s right ,most lil tykes self ween do I guess it’s up to you . For me two was the limit no more boobies after that .

My daughter and I went 3 years. We cut way down between year 2 and 3 but neither of us were ready to fully stop. At 3 years, I had to stop due to needing to take some meds it was better to not pass to her.


I stopped when teeth came in. Good for you going strong. Do it when you feel is right.


Stop whenever you and your child are both ready. I’m currently still nursing my 4 year old and will be tandem nursing her and her brother in about 2 weeks when he’s born. I’m letting her self wean. The national weaning age is 7 years so do whatever you feel is right for you.


Whenever yall are ready❤️ even after my baby is done I’m probably going to pump here and there the rest of my life, I don’t ever want it to go away lol its freaking magic! My son and daughter had a nasty staph infection. Took 2 weeks of heavy antibiotics on my son…put some breast milk on my daughter’s and it cured it overnight. Next time my son is getting the breast milk treatment too


Didn’t nurse oldest - too little to latch on. 2nd was 6 mos. Third got my milk in the hospital but I stress dried up. 4th age 2, I was prg again. 6th broke himself age 16 mos

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I breastfed for four years four months with our daughter who was born with special needs .now she’s 5 foot 8 and two hundred pounds at 14 years old .she is so healthy and amazing


I nursed my last daughter for 15 months and weaned her due to her unbuttoning my blouse in public she was always wanting to nurse. Also I was working a job and had to pump for evening feedings. Wish I nursed longer for nutrition reasons.

In my opinion, once one or both of you is done, its time. It’s different for all moms and babies. I nursed my 1st for 6 months, my 2nd for 2 years, give or take, and my youngest 4.5 years.


I’d start to wean them off more because there is no need the more solid foods they eat. By three they should be off the breast completely.

When the cold and flu season wind down. Wean her slowly. At the end, they want to nurse for comfort or naps. I stopped at 2.5, but every child is different.

Stop whenever you feel it’s right, and talk it over with your doctor. Don’t let other people tell you what’s right and wrong when it comes to your child.


I feel like by you asking this question you are ready to stop but feel it might be the wrong choice?

It’s okay to stop now, personally I think two is a great age to transition, kiddo is becoming more independent, starting to be able to enjoy more table foods etc.

Great job for making it two years


I went 22 months. But after a year it was just at morning nap and bed, not in public after a year.

Whenever you want. I breastfeed my oldest daughter since she was born on 9/22/08 and stopped 4 months after her sister was born on 9/23/13, then I stopped breastfeeding the youngest on May/2019.


When your both ready, your body your child, by asking I feel you may be ready but as I say your body

Should of stop a long time ago. Slowly wean off, give her a good 3 mos to be completely off.


This is probably an unpopular answer, but you stop when your baby is ready.


At the time you think to ask… “when should I stop breastfeeding my two year old?” Then it’s time.