When should I tell everyone I am expecting?

I am wondering when you ladies would spill the beans on being pregnant again? Our first was a miscarriage, it then took 2years to get pregnant with our second, and another four years and meds (Metformin, Clomid) to get pregnant with our third. She is three months, and I just found out I’m five weeks pregnant on my own! No meds! I am over the moon excited, and we never waited the 12 weeks to announce it with our others, but I feel like I’m taking away the excitement of my new baby by announcing we are expecting again. I never cared about waiting the 12 weeks as my baby existed, and I’m not afraid to acknowledge it or talk about miscarriage. I just don’t want to take away the excitement about our new baby.


Tell everyone now! Share the excitement!

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Share when you feel like you’re ready to share. I told everyone the second we were verified by the doctor…both times.


Just tell people! There are many who don’t get the chance you have! Be excited! Go nuts lol


That’s amazing, congratulations!

With my first as soon as I found out. With my second did the same and miscarried at 13 weeks. My third i waited a few weeks went to the doc etc. My fourth after the first trimester as I had issues since finding out

Congrats! I got pregnant right before my sister got married. She got married in July and I decided to tell everyone October 30th of the same year. And I don’t regret it. The excitement will be the same no matter when you tell them.

Healing period :woman_shrugging:t4:. Wow :flushed:.

It’s up to you mine were straight away

Damn girl!! Heal before getting knocked up again!! Lol


Share when you’re ready!double the excitement babes this one is on your own it’s a whole different level on excitement and congratulations for your growing family!!seriously congrats to you lovey!!!

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You just told 8 million ppl


I waited until my 20 week scan to be sure

I would just make sure baby is ok and shout it out

You can still be excited for the new baby as well as the one on the way babies are such a blessing

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Announce it whenever u want! :):two_hearts:

Well that was quick! :joy::joy:


I told everyone with both my kiddos right when I found out :joy::rofl: (as far as my family) we did wait to announce on Facebook and stuff until we found the genders just because I left that all the beginning parts were more private… But I say tell everyone as soon as you want to!!

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Personally I would wait until you are farther along. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to have to tell everyone you’re pregnant than have to tell everyone you had a miscarriage if that did happen god for bid.

The new baby wont be offended​:woman_shrugging::joy: Announce it.