When should I tell people about my pregnancy?

I just recently found out I am pregnant after going through a miscarriage a couple of months ago. When is a good time to share the news with family and friends?? Also, with my last pregnancy, I had to have an emergency C section… is it possible to try for a VBAC, or would it be best to just plan for a c section this time around??


Depends on ur doc. Mine will try vbac, and depending on the timing of ur loss >12weeks… wait till u get the Okay from doc?

I had two miscarriages prior to my pregnancy now. I waited until like 14 weeks to tell people. A lot of people figured it out though because I was so sick. It depends on your doctor if they will attempt a VBAC or not. Good luck to you.

Congratulations! I would wait till your first trimester has passed before telling family. Just to make sure you and the baby are progressing ok. And VBAC should be ok. I had three C-Sections. With my last child I was going to try VBAC but decided not to. I hope everything goes well for you.

I did a vbac with my 2nd. Everyone is different but id never do it again (vbac), I had alot of complications during that first year afterwards. Good luck to you!

Tell people when you’re comfortable about it.


It depends on a couple of this when it comes to a vbac. Your Dr if there is no danger to you or baby will at least let you attempt it . I had 2 successful vbac after my first child .

I had 2 miscarriages & when I got pregnant again I waited until I was 5 months & showing to tell anybody. Then, personally, after my 1st vaginal birth I ended up needing 3 c-sections. Not every ob/gyn Dr. likes to try VBACs so I’d suggest asking yours.

You have every right to try a VBAC if there are no high risks involved with this pregnancy or healing complications with your last.

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Tell people when you feel its the right time. I know i was scared to tell anyone about my twins after having two previous miscarriages, i told my sister just after my 9 week check up and was devastated when i miscarried a week later. Prayers for a safe healthy pregnancy and birth. You can try vbac as long as both you and baby are safe. Love and support always :sparkling_heart::pray::footprints::sparkling_heart:

People say.four months your.pastmyour first.trimester seem your doctor every month seen to.it.you and your baby r fine.then.tell everyone

As for the VBAC it depends on the age of your child and your physical condition. There are definite dangers associated with it. When it comes to telling people about the pregnancy wait. The first trimester is of the greatest risk of miscarriage. After that point as you feel comfortable.

I did at 20 weeks lol

Typically out of the first trimester is safest bet if they make it that far chances are it will last

Every baby is different, it could be a c-section or natural.

12 weeks, it’s ultimately you and your doc’s decision on the vbac

I announced all 3 of mine in the first trimester but I never had a miscarriage. in that case I might would have waited til the 2nd trimester. it IS possible to have a vbac after a csection

Whenever you please. Old wives tales say wait till your first trimester is over. I personally did not wait. Whatever you’re comfortable with, go for it. Congratulations!

Vbac is an option. Find a doctor who supports you trying for a vbac. I did it with no complications. Pretty much the same scenario as yours.

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Vbacs are dependent on the reason you had a c section usually. You can discuss with your ob or midwife and they’ll tell you if you’re a good candidate for a vbac. Other than that it’s possible. I’ve had 2 and about to have my 3rd (hopefully)

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