When should someone you are dating meet the kids?

I’m 36 years old I haven’t done much dating i’ve been single 9years, and from those nine years, I have had two serious relationships which have not worked out my last one was 2 1/2 years ago. I have three kids from a previous marriage, 18 boys, 15 girls & a 10-year-old boy; I started seeing someone like a month ago. I don’t know how long do I have to wait so he can meet my kids and family. So far everything is going well, he asked me to be his girlfriend, so we’re dating now, but should he meet my kids right away or how long should I wait? He’s 36 years old.


I would give it time before letting him meet the children.

My rule is 6 months together before meeting the kids.


I see nothing wrong with introducing him to your children at a dinner out? Your children are older and probably understanding dating doesn’t mean marriage


Id wait longer than a month for sure

What’s the rush? Make this about you and him right now.


Jesus i thought you said you had 18 boys and 15 girls…lol thanks for the laugh. I would says your children are old enough to understand, i would ask them when they would feel comfortable meeting him


Personally, I would wait. :grin:

I read this sooooo wrong​:grinning::joy: i thought you have 18 boys and 15 girls. Hehe.

I would wait. 12 months minimum


A couple months if it feels right. I think my oldest met my current hubby about 2 months into us dating we were engaged just after that and married a few months later ( its been 17 1/2 yrs now) 6 months seems a bit long if you are serious about a guy. if its casual and not exclusive dont ever.

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I know everyone is not bad people. And this goes for men and women. Get a back ground check.

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I was friends with my now BF before we started dating so he already knew my son (now 9). I was also babysitting his son (now 5) 1 day a week. We’ve been together a year and a half

Wait. Discuss with kids how they feel about you dating. How do they feel about potentially having to see him often? It’s just you to think about you


You do not need to wait 6 months. Smh. Your children are older let them reside if they wanna do a dinner out and get to know him.


Generally about 6 months BUT a lot depends on your take on his character… Trust your instincts! It may be earlier or as late as 1 year! But try to give at least a month regardless of how great you think he is x

Wait for the true colors. Its early yet.


As soon as possible. Why hide them.

Discuss with your kids about it, see if they are comfortable.

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I have a older daughter from previous relationship the guy I’ve been with 10 yrs didn’t meet her right away but I did tell him about her.

I would wait. I waited 3 months before I brought my current boyfriend around my daughter.