When should you stop changing with your kids in the room?

I have a seven-year-old daughter, and mentally she is more like 3 to 4. And I get dressed and undressed while she is in a room with me And a friend told me not to do that she is two old for that and I don’t see it as a big deal and was wondering what the big problem is. Do any other moms get dressed or undressed in front of there seven year old daughter’s?


I mean, she has the same body parts as you do. People just need to stop mom shaming and mind their business


Yea, I try to change privately, without my daughter right there. 90% of the time she walks in not caring and telling me her life happenings. She’s 16, I still don’t get to pee alone.

Raise your child the way you want !!! Quit worrying what everyone else thinks . Who’s the PARENT !!! :thinking::sunglasses:


I’ve always changed in front of my daughter. It is totally normal and natural. Don’t let anyone make u feel bad about that.

My 7 almost 8 yr old is always seeing me naked if I want it of not .
If you are both comfortable with it go with it for now
Especially as you said she has developmental delays .
You do you x

If you act ashamed of your body, she will too 🤷
Used to be that women changed in locker rooms with zero modesty.


I dress in front of my 20 year old

I stopped when my daughter was old enough to notice things. But its your daughter, you do you and don’t listen to your friends. If they want to criticize you, they don’t sound like a very good friend.

No big deal! As long it’s only you!! I mean not ok w anyone else as in strangers. It kind of cuts out the chat when you get older you’ll start growing… when they get that age and expect it.


What? You have the same parts!!! I swear I wonder if some of this stuff is real.


My daughter is 12. We still change in front of eachother. My son however is 9. I stopped changing directly in front of him or in the same room right after he turned 8

Raise your kid the way you want. Stop listening to the Karens.


Dude my daughter has seen me change her whole life. And when she barges in the bathroom. I will not teach self hate by shaming my own body

Who else is suppose to teach her about the female body?


Oh please… every parent style is different. It’s all about comfort level. Do what works for you and dont worry about judgement from others🙂


I have always gotten dressed and undressed in front of my girls, admittedly as they was growing up there was a few situtaions where they asked questions and I answered them as honestly as I thought I could for their age. They are now 16 and 14 and are not embarrassed about doing the same in front of me. Each to their own i supoose but I see no problem in it.

My girls are 19 and 18 and they still walk in the bathroom and get stuff or to talk to me. They knock but I have never banned them from coming in while I change or just step out of shower.

Omg… my 11 year old quite happily talks to me while I am getting undressed, dressed, on the toilet in the shower hahaha… even her 2 younger siblings think it’s a good time to have conversations with mum as well :rofl: