When should you take a pregnancy test?

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When you think your pregnant and missed your period. I took one when my period was five days late, I’m usually never that late, but the test came back negative and I was relieved because I’m not ready to be a mother. Turns out I just a little stressed from work.

Pregnancy tests like EPT, first response etc are very sensitive. You don’t have to have missed a period for them to detect.

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The moment you think it’s possible you could be pregnant. Chances are by the time you find out you’ll already be one to two months along. If you have to ask, just do it.


Don’t forget… you can get a false negative. So be sure to get a second opinion if needed

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About 9 months after your missed period. Just to make sure.


Generally the safe bet is a week after your missed period. Sense cycles can be off by a couple days it might not pick up until about 7 days after your period was supposed to start.

Should? If you suspect you are pregnant. If possible 3 days after your missed period. But you cant get a early read test if you periods are regular and you track them correctly.

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I’m gonna assume this is a scared teen writing this question.
The rule would be if you are even questioning if you should take one- take one!


When you have a missed period or think you might be pregnant would be my guess. Go to the pharmacy and read the boxes. There are many to choose from but also read what to look for as in the negative or positive, plus or minus, pregnant or not pregnant. You don’t want to get them mixed up. Lol Some of these questions, wow.


Well with myself I can take one before i have missed a period because i don’t missed a period until am between one or two months pregnant, but I can always tell that am pregnant before I get a positive pregnancy test.

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When you start asking that question

Really?:woman_facepalming: this must be a Gen Z question.


be sure to study for it.


How old is the person asking this question??? Are they ready for a baby, because it sounds like a question a teenager would ask.

I was always told 2 weeks after the missed period

When your pregnant, silly lol

After you’ve missed a period.


When you suspect you might be pregnant?
Just a wild guess…


24 hours after you had a bow chicka wow wow :joy: that’s my guess