When should you worry about kids not having teeth?

When do you start to worry if your kid doesn’t have any teeth?

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Every kid is different mine was over a year old before his first tooth my second was 6 months 🤷🏻‍♀🤣 just depends

:heart::heart:My child just turned 1 and he just recently sprouted a tooth. It can be 15 to 16 months and still be normal.

All children are different my oldest had a mouth full by time he was 6 months old my youngest didn’t get his 1st tooth till he was 13 months old

First primary eruption should be the mandibular central incisors (2 bottom middle teeth) between 6-8 months… then after the maxillary central incisors (top 2 middle teeth) between 8-10 months roughly… how old is your little one?

I’m in dental… so let me know and maybe I can help

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My friends kid didnt get all her teeth in till 1 year old

My youngest didnt have any teeth until he was almost 13 mo old.

If you’re worried make an appointment either to his/her pediatrician and ask, or a dentist. My daughters pediatrician said some babies don’t get teeth till they turn 2 and it was fine.

When their pediatrician raises concerns

As a baby I didn’t have teeth til after I was 1. Our daughter is 7 months and not teething. If after 1 she’s not ill ask her doctor if I should take her to the dentist. I wouldn’t worry too much. We have 4 kids and they all cut teeth at different ages

My daughter didn’t start till 16 months old … Doctor said some just start later… she took teething the best.

My daughter had 2 teeth pop through at 11 months old. And then she didn’t have any more teeth until she was 16 months old

My daughter was over a year, but when it finally happened they all came at once.

I just took my son for his 6 month check up today and he has been teething for a couple of months now, which his doctor said they normally teethe months before a tooth actually pops through and that the average baby doesn’t get their first tooth until around 13 months(obviously some get multiple teeth before then, and some don’t get their first until after). All babies are different, so I wouldn’t worry too much, but if you’re concerned you can always call your pediatrician to ask.

My son is 13 months and has just one very small tooth. I’m not worried. I read that they just need one prior to 18 months. And if one parent was a later teether than the baby might be also. My son has been chewing and drooling since he was 2 months old. His first tooth came partly through at 11 months. I’m not too worried. He eats solid foods just fine.

My pediatrician told me not to worry until they hit 16 months. My oldest didn’t get his first tooth until 15 months. She actually said the longer it takes for them to come it, the healthier they will be.

Honestly…they are all so different. My eldest popped her bottom two at 14 weeks. My middle was on “target” but got VERY sick with each tooth-absolutely raging fevers…my youngest is well behind the “curve”. A child from my mum’s group didn’t cut any teeth till about 15 months. You didn’t say how old your LO is so it’s hard to judge. I say enjoy it while it lasts :rofl: and try not to compare with other babies

I had one kid that cut teeth just like the books said he would. He had wisdom teeth problems, and still has tooth problems. The second one had 2 teeth before 5 months, and all her baby teeth in by 15 months. She lost them early, too, and had all her permanent teeth in except for her wisdom teeth by 10 years. Wisdom teeth came in when she was 13 or 14. She still has all of them. And no dental problems. Depends on the kid.

I don’t know, but my 3 that are old enough to have teeth didn’t have any until after their first birthdays. Then a whole bunch came in at once.