When to start birth control?

When is the best time to start a new birth control plan? Should you take it the day after your period ends or does it not matter?


Isn’t the best day to start the first day of your period? I could be wrong…

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Ask your doctor cause you’re going to get random answers about this and only your doctor knows when it is best to start the birth control


Most should be started the first day of your period. That is when your cycle is renewing.

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Generally while you are on your period. Some have specific days like you start taking it on the first Sunday during your period… but really your doctor should explain this to you before you start taking any birth control.

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Depends on the type of birth control. Alot of them require you to be on your period when you start. Talk to your dr about the type your taking.

I got my implanon while I was in hospital, 3 days after having bubs.

My oldest daughter got hers whatever day they booked her in. She just got told it wouldn’t be effective for so long once getting it.

Whatever one u get the dr doing it should tell u

That is a question best answered by a doctor, especially an obgyn. However make sure you use condoms, at least, maybe spermicide until the new birth control has kicked in.

A good doctor would have given both written and oral directions. Along with the pharmacists would have given additional directions too! If your doctor did not give you any get a new doctor.

It really doesn’t matter, you don’t need to have a period every month. So if you choose you can adjust the start to what schedule you want your period on. There are pills out there that only give you a period every 3 months.

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I would say 7 days after you period starts. That is how it will be after you start on a plan. If you take the pill for instance, you take 21 pills so three weeks, then the fourth week is when you have your period. You take whatever those pills are for seven days and start over.

The meds you got have insteuctions…read them. Or ask your doc if you can’t do that simple task.

Ask your doctor for heaven’s sake!


Doctors now will tell you it don’t matter, for 20 years up till now was always the Sunday after you start weather your done or not.


We are not doctors get your advice from your doctor

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My doctor recommends the first day of your period to start.

Ask your health care provider!

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Ask your doctor and read the package directions.

The Sunday after your period. Whether your period has ended or not.

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I always thought you started it on the first day of your period.