When was birth control invented?

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Sadly it was 1965 in the United States. Birth control had torn apart traditional family life. :cry:


Which one? Every time period and every culture has had their own form or method of birth control. Some worked. Some didn’t.


There is a history of condom use in Egypt in 3000 B.c. and they were made of animal skins. There are condoms found from 1640 made of animal intestines in England. First rubber ones made in US after Goodyear vulcanized rubber in 1844. In 1960 first pill approved by FDA In 1976 first IUD although for centuries women tried to make diaphragms.


Pharaoh had Hebrew boys thrown in the river. (Thus we have the story of Moses!)

Egyptian women would use a piece of copper inserted in their uterus.

Condom was invented in 1855

What kind condoms or pills?

Rhythm method has been around since the start of time

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Depends which ones. Animal intestines used to be used as condoms.
And women also would plant a small vinegar soaked sponge up themselves before more traditional methods were used.

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Not soon eñough for some child who never had a chance due to non caring unloved “parents” !!


Technically not preventing conception but murdering children.

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Condoms have been around for a long time

A Supreme Cout ruling in 1964 made it legal for women to buy birth control pill in the US. Birth control pills and other forms of birth control were only available to married women with the consrnt of their hysband before that ruling.


It’s a lot sadder to have kids you can’t afford to feed and clothe, educate and keep well.


I recall reading about birth control methods in ancient Egypt.

  1. My mother had my sister(my dad was in the army). They offered the pill and she couldn’t take it fast enough. Never missed that daily dose