When were your boys potty trained?

Lo will be three on Sunday, and we’re working on potty training right now but what is the age that boys r potty trained My friends are saying he’s too old for diapers and he needs to be potty trained by now as he’s smart and also when he is completely potty trained what age is ok for him to go in the bathroom alone like when we’re out in public I’m not ready yet as he could get locked in there etc. and do u take him into the women’s I always have thank u


My boy was 3 1/2 and before he finally caught on, and he goes into the women’s side he doesn’t go by hisself

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Every kid potty trains at different ages and if you put too much pressure on him he could end up incontinent. Take your time, make it fun and he’ll get the hang of it.

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We potty trained at 3. It was “encouraged” by Preschool. By prek 3, they should be going in potty trained.

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My son was 2 yrs 8mths when he started potty training he amazed me how quick he took to it was trained within a week . No nappys

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My 2 boys and 1 girl, were all potty trained by 2 1/2, As well as my grands. They went to the ladies room with me untill school age.

Mine was barely potty trained before 4. My cousins potty trained before they were 3. Each child is different and goes at their own pace. One day it’ll just click.

My 9 year old comes with me In restrooms in public like Walmart or a gas station. Idgaf my son not going in there with creepy ass creepers. Unless it’s a single person bathroom obviously… he was potty trained by 2 years old but I have a 3 year old now who doesn’t want to do anything but pee on toilet sometimes. They are ready at their own pace

All children are different of course and also depends on their mentality so for me to say mine were all done by 2 needless to say they started walking about 9 1/2 months. Good luck mom

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My oldest was 4
Middle was 4
Youngest was 41/2

My son is 4 and I’m still having trouble with him with the poop part. My only suggestion would be put undies on during day and pull up at nite. It’s gonna be gross and messy. I wish I would’ve done it sooner. Good luck momma!

My boy is 3 and he will pee in the potty just fine. He pooped in the potty the other day (YAY!) on his own but he has to be without a diaper to do it. He just doesn’t seem to grasp pulling his pull up down :woman_shrugging:

My son was a little over 2 years old. But he showed signs he was ready at age 1.

My son was fully potty trained before age 2 and he started going by himself age 6 in public

My daughter was completely diaper free at 19 months

My boy was 3 in March, we started in June and trained by the end of July

My girl is nearly 3 & will not wee on potty or toilet , she tells me sometimes when she needs a wee so we go to the toilet & nothing x

During the day just after his 4th birthday. He stopped having accidents at night a couple months after that.

Any child (not counting mentally handicapped) should be fully potty trained by 3. Girls catch on quicker so they should be fully done by 2, boys 2.5! My daughter was fully trained at 20 months, my nephew was 2.5

1 week before he turned 3nust wokeup and wanted to potty himself