Where can I find pants that will fit my child?

My daughter, who’s 4, is on the bigger side for her age. It’s very hard to find things, mainly pants that fit good. She’s a size 10 in the waist but needs maybe like a size 6 for length. It’s hard finding pants that have the snap button because she isn’t very good with a regular button right now. Stretchy pants don’t seem to work either. Is there a good brand that will work with her size & height?


I had to use leggings for my daughter. They were a little long but if I put her in a pair of boots no one could tell. Then if it was warmer I would buy the kid capris and they would hit just a little above her ankle so she could use those with sandals.

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I don’t have a suggestion. Except decide which is better for her; knit pants/leggings or jeans. Leggings are def easier to hem.

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Leggings or old navy

Children’s place but get husky instead of regular

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I think leggings would work best.

I know certain stores like JC Penney and children’s place have pants that are husky that would probably work for her

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Children’s place online has jeans all sizes come in slim regular and plus, they have the adjustable waist and are like $8 each! My daughter has the opposite problem and these have been a lifesaver every year.

Buy overalls. They have snap legend ones.

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I had my oldest daughter who was shaped differently then they make little girl clothes wear dresses and leggings and sweat pants until she was eight and we finally found pants and Jean’s that fit.

Just hem the pants if you have a sewing machine. If u dont u can still take a thread and needle and sew it up in 4 different spots to hem them.

Leggings. Also justice jeans has plus or half sizes but would still need to be hemmed.

My daughter has a big waist but an average length and we usually have her just wear stretch shorts or leggings. Jeans are very uncomfortable for her.

You can also use hem tape that you lay on and fold the pants over and iron. Much easier if you aren’t handy with sewing or know anyone who could sew.


We use leggings and jeggings for our 2 yr old who wears a 4T for my nephew i had to have jeans hemmed when he started school. Yes there are still seamstresses lol

Lularoe legging would probably work really well

Leggings for sure !!!

Leggings and skirts or dresses work for my daughter. Also for jeans just hem the bottom. If you don’t know how contact an older family relative to ask for help, it was more common in their generation than in ours.

My 4 yr old is the same way. I purchased size 10/12 capris and those worked great as long pants

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