Where can I find underwear to fit my daughter?

I got a question and was wondering if anyone could help me? So my daughter was born premature due to complications with my pregnancy. She was born 1 pound 0.02oz 11.5in long… Well, fast forward, she is now 18 months and ready to be potty trained, but i can’t find any panties or pull-ups in her size. She’s in size 6-9 months and size two diaper. Im at a loss cuz i don’t wanna keep her in diapers, but I can’t find anything in her size… If anyone can help please let me know


The size 2 pull ups dont fit?

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Try Huggies Diaper Pants. They are a combination of diapers and pull ups. They should work

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I’ve had friends use doll clothes that work.

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Doll clothes work if you can’t find anything else that works

Maybe something like these?

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Amazon has the tiny undies for toddlers which start at 6 months and up

Try Cloth diaper covers? the ones with the snaps on each side

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Good luck potty training an 18mo. Hopefully it goes ok.


Maybe a cloth diaper?

This might not be the same, but one of the girls from Little Women LA advertised the Wonder Nation brand that’s at Walmart and they fit her child who is also a LP as well (I think it was Terra or Brianna the brunette)

I had twins and they wear the Pampers 360 and they are just like pull ups but they hold like diapers

order them online they have tiny underwear and stuff like that especially for kids that are small and preemies and stuff like that otherwise I would just say maybe let her run around the house naked

Gerber has training undies (they are just a bit thinker than regular) that come in size 2. Wash them and they’ll shrink some.

Could try diaper covers that they sell with the little summer dresses. I’ll see if I can find a photo.


Get someone that sews to make her some panties

All I ever seen was 2t to 3t

Try pampers 360. They’re very similar to pampers easy ups. I think they might have a size 2.

I had the same problem. Oshkosh always had underwear small enough.

Wonder nation size 2 they shrank to point they didnt fit my daughter