Where can I get Christmas help?

Does anyone know where I can get help with a few Christmas gifts for my kids? I have a four-year-old son and a 17-year-old daughter and live in central Ohio. I’m a single mom, and I’ve always been able to make Christmas happen for my kids. This year it just isn’t going to come together. I just don’t have any extra money. I’ve reached out to some charities, but it appears I’m too late and should have contacted them months ago. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Check with local churches I know they sometimes have things going on. At 17 she will understand, and a 4 yr old would be happy with things from the dollar store still, don’t stress love your kiddos extra spend the day in pjs and watch Christmas movies enjoy being with one another :two_hearts:


I am from Canada we have our local church or food banks that may help in your area.

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Salvation Army, Goodwill, Churches, Food Banks etc -
I honestly think your time to sign up for it has come and gone right now (in our area at least) they are handing out gifts and food.

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Your not alone hugs maybe try salvation army

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make it a Christmas to remember, bake cookies and arts n crafts with the little one.she will remember moments not gifts :heart:


Your very late to the game here… most places start early November working on lists… maybe your local fb mom group can help


Definitely try reaching out on your local fb pages. In my area we have buy/trade/free pages but often in my area at least I’ve seen help offered for things like this

I would suggest even calling your local TV stations.
Sometimes they know of places that aren’t advertising giveaways.

Try a local school, teachers always can help direct you.

Facebook local groups. Alot of people give away older toys for free to make room for new toys.

I might be able to help! I live by Sandusky Ohio if u are near!


Call local churches. A lot of them do their own angel tree and it may not be too late. We were able to add a couple extra families to the one at our church last minute a few years ago when the need was made aware to the pastor.

Our family is really feeling it this year too. I was just taking to my grandma about how ashamed I am we couldn’t do more for the kids this year. But they’ll understand. Ours know they’ve never seen us struggle like we did this year (corona) and they have been amazing little people. It’s been humbling.

A 4 year old is easy and cheap to buy for, go to the dollar store…the 17 yr old probably knows your situation and should be happy with electricity, clothes, and food, but a few little presents doesn’t cost much…kinda late to be asking for help with Christmas a few days away…

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You can do cute gift basket ideas from the dollar store. Ask your local churches, most of them will do things. If you have a small gift box you can make cookies and put them in it like a little gift.

Try a for sale site on Facebook for your area. Some families might have extra gifts and donate them to you.

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Maybe make an amazon list and post the link somewhere where there’s a lot of people. Say your situation and some people might be willing to help

Try asking others you know friends, family, daycare for donations of toys. Im sure people who know you would gladly donate gifts

Vfw or American legion

Just say you’re broke so we can help make an Amazon wishlist & post it to this group. They might be able to help you. Best of luck :heart:

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