Where can I get Christmas help?

Where are you located?

Id love to know as well.

Where are you located I would like to help

Please PM me. I’d love to help you by sending some cash via PayPal or Venmo. I have a 4 year old little boy so I know how important the holiday is to them. Prayers for you mama. :heart:

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Please post if you have a Zelle or other way people can help

If this Mama is willing to message me privately, I’d be more than happy to get each of your kids and you a gift on Amazon and have it shipped to you! :purple_heart: Don’t ever feel ashamed to ask for help. (I know, way easier than done). :heart:


In my area we go through neighborhood and pass out age appropriate toys. Mind you it’s only one present per child but it helps.

Wish you’d asked even here on Facebook earlier so people could post it🥺 try churches, local moms group! or create home made certificates (simple write colourfully on paper) for experiences or breakfast of choice or late movie night etc


Maybe get them experiences? Like a day when they are allowed to choose what you do, what you eat, etc.


Henryedda Elaine Colvard did you think that maybe this woman’s pride and dignity kept her from reaching out? In these times it may be one of the only things she has left that she’s in control of.


Have you tried the Salvation Army? They have help for Christmas presents and food

Toys for Tots. They’re taking applications until December 23rd.

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Do you have dollar tree in your area? My four year old would be thrilled with anything from there .

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Last year I printed out homemade certificates for each of them that they redeemed for a “date” nite out with mom… just one on one time and they got to choose what we did… they really enjoyed getting them… thinking what they wanted to do … and being able to do it… (I’m also a single mom and have 3 kiddos)


I’m sorry you feel this way mom. Hope you are able to get something for your kids. :revolving_hearts: I have a 5 year old and 2 year old. My youngest is to young to know better but as for my 4 year old. I have decided that we as a family won’t be doing the Xmas is about gifts tradition. I think they need to learn about giving this year and not expecting anything in return. What my daughter is requesting is way out of our budget and it scares me to think that she is literally just expecting the gift to appear Xmas morning. So this year she will have to be satisfied with a full belly and normal family time. I’m not breaking my head over this. This day is not only about recieving gifts, so I will have her give less fortunate kids her age a meal and in return I hope she will feel some sort of pride in herself for helping others . I do hope you get help tho I can tell this is really something you want to do. Best of luck.


Just charge it. Pay later . Make the kids happy :blush: and then if u can’t pay bill and get late charges blame it on covid.


Hoping your sharing locally will help and I was a single mom too and one year we made turkeys from hot dogs and toothpicks. I can’t imagine doing it today. I commend you for reaching out and it’s my :pray: you all have a Merry Christmas. Have you contacted local businesses or churches. If I were closer I certainly would drop off a few gifts.

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Following ! My kids won’t get a christmas as I’m laid off due to covid and lost our home


Try some local churches and also the fire station usually does help like that.

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For the 4 year old try getting some gifts from once-upon-a-child. You can still wrap it up in a box and have a blast opening them, and at that age they don’t care about packaging etc. that’s what we’ve done this year for our 4 year old. As for the 17 year old is there one or two things they really want? Try Facebook market place to find gently used for a lot less. If you have a community moms group ask there too. The one I’m in for my part of town is always happy to try and help another mom out that’s struggling. I know I’ve seen a few requests this year for some help and people were more than happy to donate to the families :slightly_smiling_face:

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