Where can I get Christmas help?

Talk to your school social worker …


Five below is the perfect place…plz message me if u need help god bless u and your family this Christmas

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Can you maybe use afterpay? Or affirm is at Walmart if you can qualify for it you don’t have to pay until next month and you make payments on it and there’s different payment options im not sure if its only certain items or not but thats something to check out wish there was more I could do to help and im praying something works out for you merry Christmas :purple_heart:

Some CPS schools are doing a toy and grocery drive. Check your local schools.

Dollar Tree has a lot of cute toys for kids and hair stuff, hats and gloves for teenagers. Good luck mom. You got this.

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I don’t understand how this can happen.


Locally here our police department has help for families

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Ashley do you know of anyway to help? Shes in OH

Where are you located? I may be able to help.

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FB group. Walmart Clearance Shoppers. A lot of the people on the page stock up all year, just to be able to help out with things they have collected over the year.

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My brothers keepers and possibly salvation army

I agree with Emilia Noell Chadwick . Post locally, also reach out to local sheriff’s office.

Post on FB market place in your location.

Join a moms group in your area make the morning special Christmas movies a special breakfast. See if there’s anywhere special they might wana go .maybe take them fishing for the day . Ask the moms in your group if they have any child appropriate toys they’re willing to donate ask your family

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Do a go fund me…GB🙏

I couldn’t even put a Christmas tree up this year

I know money can be tight around the holidays. Hopefully this will help. They pay $100 dollars if you have proof you had covid and here’s a $20 coupon and if you mentioned I sent you then you get more each time you donate.

If you see this I live in Cleveland Ohio and would love to help! Feel free to pm me!


What city state? I know we have *211 you can call and ask for help! Our WIC office as well as the kiddos school.

Talk to the school social worker is a great :bulb: god bless you