Where can I get Christmas help?

Nicole Knudsen any ideas?

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I remember a Christmas when I was about 10 or 12, I knew my parents were struggling with gifts for me and my 5 sisters. I can tell you I don’t remember at all the gifts we received. What I remember is our Christmas dinner. I guess they couldn’t afford a turkey or a ham so my mom made meatballs and spread a blanket by the Christmas tree and we had a picnic. I guess I thought it was fun because I really don’t remember alot about other Christmases. :two_hearts:

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Most Christmas help start sign up early (Oct/Nov), with it so close to Christmas I’d say try churches or gofund me

If they really want to they will help you. I reached out to toys for tots even though the registry was closed and they added me to the list after hearing my story and I almost cried. They told me a lot of family’s didn’t make it to pickup so they had one last one.
If a charity really wants to they will help you

If nothing pans out, make it a “memory Christmas”. Do things you’ve never done before. String popcorn, cut out pictures to make dream boards, sing carols, tell Christmas stories, play games, draw pictures, go on an adventure in your backyard.


Toys for Tots for your little. I used to participate in adopt a family programs mine was through Child Inc. The issue now is timing. Most programs I would think have been registered for

Also don’t be afraid to post on your local chatters. I’ve seen so many people get help within hours with the same situation from their community

U might be a little late to get on the lists but I know where we live there r several “toys for tots” programs they city or churches. Try calling ur city line and ask or visit ur cities website. U can even call the local churches or schools.

Joys of toys … I’m in Ohio as well and I have used them a time or two

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Go to your Catholic church …they usually help people. .good luck …

Our local Salvation Army had extras maybe check your local Salvation Army not the store but like we have one that helps with food and other things

With God he will always provides

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Maybe post an amazon wish list where people could purchase and ship directly to you.

Call the way outreach they probably help out

Contact local churches in your area and your area salvation Army.

Try and post in your local groups from where you are

I’m in the same boat. I think it’s too late apply for anything now though. God bless

Call your local Salvation Army