Where do you buy your Christmas pajamas at?

Where do you all buy pajamas at? I try to buy all 3 of my kids at least 1 set of pajamas for Christmas, but they seem so expensive this year. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on pajamas.


I want to know the answer to this too. Last year I was able to get them on a deal at Walmart this year the prices are so high


Target. Bought 3 pairs for $8 each.

Thrift Stores

Dollar General on Thanksgiving day had a sale, I got all 4 of my grandchildren and their parents matching pajamas for $5 each set.

children’s place had lots this year

Target, Carter’s and Old Navy.

Burt’s Bees Baby pjs wash well for us! I also love Little Sleepies or Kyte BABY

The children’s place, if you join their rewards program you can get baby clothes VERY cheap!

Every year I buy matching pajamas for my 3 boys to wear Christmas eve night. This year I was having a really hard time finding a place that actually had the sizes I needed in stock. Ended up finding some at Macy’s for $16.99 each which isn’t too bad. Shipping was free and they even threw in a free photo frame ornament.

Target had their family Christmas pjs on sale

Kohl’s when you go to their website go to the clearance and search there, I found a Christmas nightgown with matching babydoll nightgown for $10.20 and a pj set that almost matches for my boy for $9.00

Carters I paid $29 for 4 sets of pjs 1 toddler 2 children and 1 adult set

Carter’s just had a sale $6 a set!!

Dollar general and family dollar both had cute sets for 10 a pair.

Just picked some up this week from Target. I have a toddler and they had 2 pair sets for $15.99

Old navy for pajamas

Target, Dollar General and Family Dollar both actually had nice ones.

Walmart, Ross, or Marshalls

Every year we get each member pyjamas from old navy, often at a reasonable price