Where do you find clothes for your child with senory issues?

My seven-year-old son has some sensory issues. We have major issues with finding clothes or shoes that he will wear. He has a fit when he gets dressed because he feels a seam in his clothes or if it’s Too tight ext… it is exhausting. Does anyone have any advice on where I could buy clothes for a child like this or what we could do?

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No personal advice although this company make seamless clothes for sensory wearers

My niece hated wearing jeans or anything “scratchy” so we let her wear a thin pair of leggings or tights turned inside out under her jeans. It worked and eventually she grew out of it.

I found Target has a brand for sensory friendly clothes. My son loves them and that’s all he will wear! Search kids adaptive clothing on their website. :heart:

They also sell adaptive clothing on amazon but it seems a bit pricey for stuff that you’re not certain he will be comfortable in. They also offer you to try it before you buy it!