Where do you find clothes for your child with senory issues?

My seven-year-old son has some sensory issues. We have major issues with finding clothes or shoes that he will wear. He has a fit when he gets dressed because he feels a seam in his clothes or if it’s Too tight ext… it is exhausting. Does anyone have any advice on where I could buy clothes for a child like this or what we could do?


I would let him pick his own clothes. If you can’t try them on in the store buy more than you need and return things that are uncomfortable.


Cat jack clothes at target are pretty good they even have a section for sensory stuff on their website otherwise try amazon, my 2 year old hate rough or clothes with tags but we also have been doing sensory therapy for the past 6 months and she’s gotten so much better

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My son had a fit because the seams across the toe part in his socks.So for the longest he wore his socks inside out.

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I buy second hand. It already is worn in and my daughter likes it better than new. If she doesn’t like it, I didn’t spend a fortune either

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Let him pick them. I know for the longest time when I was younger pants seems bothered me and sock seems across my toes bothered me. Maybe find a specific brand he likes and try to show him that brand.

My son is almost 13 now & still has issues. I found that long sleeve brushed cotton shirts under almost everything worked. Tags had to be cut off pants/shirts. Cotton or fleece lined pants (children’s place). Basically everything has to be cuddly soft or he says it feels “scratchy”

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I used to have a weird issue with my son and him has to have everything matching by the time we get out the door he’s looking like a Smurf he had to have everything matching from the t shirt to the shorts, socks and shoes etc… It was weird and I tried everything to break him of the habit and I even let him pick his clothes, and I buy either from Walmart and second hand, but now I won’t buy any clothing for him cause now he’s into the high expensive air jordan, Steph curry etc… and he won’t wear anything that we buy him and that’s the only thing that he would wear now and it drives me nuts

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Take him with you have him feel the material. My son has tag and tightness issues and wont wear it if it itches him. He loves the feel of fleece or anything super fluffy. He wears alot of basketball style shorts and sweats.

Sweats and basketball shorts made my life great.

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He chose them (without underwear), but still… theres lights at the end of the tunnel Mamas.

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Soft tee shirts, never long sleeves, no jeans or slacks, thin seamless ankle socks and strap sneakers that won’t slip up and down even slightly in the back. Oh and no pj’s either. For the girls, hair accessories are non existent. All of my kids have this and they all dressed in this way. I was the same way too, still am, and so it helped me get it.
I go thru fabric softener like water. My sons spot on the sofa has a sheet over it because he says the sofa is picky. It’s soft and brand new lol

I found target to be better and softer than Walmart and is truer to size.

Sensory mom here! 🙋 Target carries a new sensory line, and the children’s place sometimes has their elastic waist jeans that are lined with something more comfortable. Mine hasn’t worn jeans in years, but we have found the under armor brand to be the best. We also buy mostly dry fit shirts with no tags, and seemless socks and boxers from Target. :blush:


I have the same issue… I wear two shirts and pants… The under clothes are worn inside out… It mean seem excessive but it’s impossible to get dressed any other way… Good luck with your son

Not sure on where to buy but if your able to sew buy 2 of the same top, and sew them together at the seems… we occasionally needed to this for our ASD 4yo and it helped a bunch.

My son has autism gdd and sensory issues I find baggy clothes or singlets (the super soft ones not just any) underneath take the feeling of the clothes off the skin

It is exhausting and very stressful when it’s every single day ! My little girl has been struggling with this particular issue for well over a year now (she’s coming up to age 4) I give her a couple of choices with outfits so she gets to pick , sometimes it works sometimes she will have a meltdown regardless. Wishing you luck !

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My son doesn’t like clothes on he has a sensory issues as well the minutes he comes in the house he strips down to his underwear he never keeps pajamas on either I have to keep the heat on and elderberry syrup handy😊

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My son has sensory issues with clothing as well. We love Cat and Jack brand from Target, Kids 365 and some of the Wonder nation brand from Walmart. We had to let him feel the fabrics. Tags are a no go for us and we tend to buy a little larger size cause if it’s too tight or too short his little world just explodes. I know his counselor told us once that for us clothes are just clothes, but for him some feel like a wool blanket and itch or feel like razor blades and hurt. You get a hang of it once your little one finds a brand they like. Then it’s just making sure to stock up!:slight_smile:

My son has sensory issues as well and he will not wear shirts with tags so we get tagless shirts or use a seam ripper and take them out…he used to refuse to wear jeans up until this year because he said they were too tight no matter how loose or big we got them so we got track type pants and sweats and alot of times he wore pajama pants because it was what he was comfortable wearing…he also will not wear under wear because he does not like the feeling no matter what brand or type we buy… shoes he is also very picky on as they have to be loose and velco tie looking one or ones that slide on as he gets frustrated with shoe strings… my son is 9 and he has come a long way but over the years we have learned to take him with us shopping so he can look at the clothes and feel what he likes so you dont buy something they refuse to wear due to their sensory issue that we as parents just have to help them understand is ok no matter how frustrating it can be