Where do you shop for clothes?

Where do you moms like to shop for clothes for yourself?

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Kohls, Macy’s, Old Navy, Torrid…

Old Navy, Walmart, thrift stores

Walmart, Hollister,Rue21

Lately online call patpat.com

JcPenny, Sears, Ross, TJ Maxx

Matilda Jane… A bit expensive but the quality is worth it…
Also, maurices.

Walmart, Amazon, kohls, target and shein

Old Navy, Kohl’s, Target…outlets

Hollister, Fabletics, Underarmour and Nike

Old navy, Kohl’s, but American eagle for jeans

Shein, Burlington and Marshall’s.

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Target, Burlington, and Walmart

Wherever has her size!

Burlington Coat factory and Walmart

A bit everywhere. I like to portion 2brand name outfits new, then I bawl on a budget at thrift stores. Find all sorts of bran clothing. :flushed: what?
I got 3 kids … It’s how I shop for them too. Only they usually get way more new items than I planned

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Any where that i like the clothes Idc as long as its nice

Walmart or Ross usually. Where ever is cheapest.

During the pandemic, I’ve been doing a lot of Old Navy and Amazon shopping. Amazon can be tricky, but if you read the reviews and look for ones that have similar weight and height measurements, you can usually find the right fit! I’ve been trying to save money while still trying to look cute at home. I found so many great things on Amazon it’s not even funny!

Thrift stores, Walmart, Ross but I don’t buy many clothes, until they are falling apart and I have no choice but to replace them, then again when I was married to an abusive man I had to be down to 2 pairs of pants before I got new, everything had to be falling apart.