Which first name sounds better with Nicholas?

I’m finally blessed with a son… I’m due in 11 weeks… I’m set on two names Ryker or Zayn… i think… Which one sounds better with the middle name Nicholas? or any other suggestions that go with that middle name?


Ryker Syke is a cool name or the Zayn Nicholas is nice together.

We have a Nicholas Alexander. And a Peyton Zaine.

I like Ryker Nicholas. :heart:

I love the name Ryker!

I love them both but i think Zayn sounds better with Nicholas

Ryker. I like the name Zayn but Zayn Nicholas makes me think of santa :santa:


Ending a name with n and starting a name with n is a mouth full, I like ryker.

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I like Tyler Nicholas

Zany…however, Ryan Nicholas sounds good, too.

We are naming our son Ryker​:blue_heart::blue_heart: so I vote Ryker :slight_smile:

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My son is Mason Nicholas. I like zayn better than ryker

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But I also have a Logan Nicholas

I’d go Zayn personally because in a school of 80 kids we have 3 Ryker’s its a super popular name.

Congrats on your sweet baby! I’m due right after you but I will be induced in a little over 11 weeks! I hope all goes well for y’all
Our boy is Elijah :slightly_smiling_face:

Kia Nicholas Asher Nicholas maxwell Nicholas. I like Zane but I always think of female when I see a y in the middle of a first name.

I personally like Ryker Nicholas better, out of the 2.

zayn! i have a gavin nicholas and i love it so much

Ryker sounds better with Nicholas. Zayn Nicholas has two N’s side by side, which will roll into one word. Try saying both of them out loud in an angry tone (the only real time I use their full names) and see how they sound to your ears.

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Have 2 middle names and use the 3 together 🤷

Remember to say the names out loud, it really helps. When the second name begins with the same letter as the first name ends, it can sound confusing. Like Zayn Nicholas: unless enunciating perfectly, it sounds like Zay Nicholas or Zayn Icholas.

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