Which is worse? A emotional affair? Or a Sexual affair

I just found out that my husband was seeing another woman, I did talk to her she claims she didn’t know he was married? They both say it wasn’t sexual. But he was still lying about where he was going or where he was, just so he could go see her. I need advice, I need to know if I am being blind to this situation. If I can move on, forgive him.

Emotional for sure. I couldn’t imagine my husband getting actual feelings for someone else. I’m so sorry hun:(. You deserve so much better!

I would be hurt if my husband had an emotional affair. That’s something that’s very intentional in my opinion. You don’t just develop feelings like that over night. Whereas a physical affair is lustful. I am so sorry and I hope you know that you are enough, but he isn’t. I’m sorry.

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An emotional affair for sure. To develop emotions they would have had to go out of their way to be communicating with said person.