So my husband and I are having a baby girl. Our second child. He really wants to name the baby Olivia after his grandmother, and I also love that name. Neither of us have any good ideas for a middle name that sounds good with Olivia though. Any ideas?


Olivia Rose
Olivia Lynn
Olivia Marie
Olivia Jane
Olivia Christine
Olivia Mackenzie

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My daughter is Alivia Grace.

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Olivia Marie.
Olivia Rose.
Olivia Danielle.
Olivia May.
Olivia Nicole.

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Rose peyton jade marie may

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Love Olivia Rose. It sounds really good together!

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My daughter is Olivia Alana

Olivia Marie, Olivia Renee

I think Olivia Rose is a beautiful name.


I love Olivia grace its sooooooo smooth

Olivia grace
Olivia Jade
Olivia Meri

Olivia Rose
Olivia Dawn
Olivia Marie
Olivia Rae

I have an Alivia Kay

Olivia Shay
Olivia Marie
Olivia Evonna
Olivia Michelle
Olivia Lynn

I love Olivia Faith :heartpulse:

My niece is Kylan Olivia

Jade. Kinda biased :joy: I love my name. It does go good tho. Olivia jade :heart:


We have Olivia Joyce :heartpulse:

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My niece is Olivia Shay we call her Shay bird

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Mine is Olivia Leigh :heart: