Which was worse, your first or second birth?

For mummas that have had two or more children, what hurt more giving birth to you first or your second?


2nd. Because he was born in 45 minutes. The pain was indescribable

First, no epidural, in the ER!

My first was harder.

First definitely. Was induced, 4 hour labour and needed stitches (second degree tear).
Second was natural, 6 hours with 2 stitches.

For me, pain was the same. Emotionally the second was worse, simply because I knew what to expect the second time.

They were about the same.

First way soo much longer. 2nd was so fast they weren’t able to finish my epidural and recovery was so much easier.

The delivery for my second was horrible, so much I decided he was the last one. It seemed like anything that could go wrong did. Thankfully it didn’t lead to a c-section, but I had him naturally and he was 10 lbs, 7 ozs. I don’t recommend it!

Both sucked lol. 2nd because my epidural only took on my left side that time.

1st. He came out sideways :flushed: as in facing my thigh.

The second one hurt the most for me

Second. But, I had an epidural with my first and not with my second.

Definitely first. Second baby was a breeze

First I almost died of preeclampsia. My other 2 pregnancies after were much smoother. Here in 20 days I’ll have my 4th boy.

Both, for different reasons. 1st was 8.5lbs, induced and I tore some. 2nd was all natural, in every way and not by choice, and almost 10 lbs.

1st most painful. Had an emergency c/section about 28 hours in labor to finally birth a baby who wasn’t breathing and was blue but thank those nurses and doctors he came right too and was a very healthy baby boy. But the c- section was a rush so my organs were thrown around fast to get to him. The other c-sections for planned and calmer so my organs were handled much more gentle.

My first was not a pleasant experience at all. My second I had an epidural thankfully…he was almost 9 lbs.

My second. Almost two days of trying to induce then had to have an emergency C-section.

Second one they said I was too far along for an epidural. It was so miserable. However the first they cut me without numbing me after pushing eight hours. :woman_facepalming:t3: