Who got pregnant after a tubal ligation?

Who got pregnant after tubal ligation??? Am I only one???


Maybe you’re not really ligated .Have a check up on your doctor

I did, 2 years after I got it done, I got pregnant in the end of September of 2020 and miscarried in early October of 2020. I currently have to take birth control so it doesn’t happen again

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I did! But miscarried

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This was my worst fear thats why I got a Salpingectomy

I just had a baby after having an iud for two years and it obviously failed. I’m getting a tubal done and I’m scared this will happen again.

I got my tubes cut tied and burned in 2012 so far no pregnancies… some say I still could get pregnant

I had a bilateral salpingectomy due to labor complications making sure I’d never get pregnant again.

My family knew a couple where she had a ligation and he had a vasectomy and they got pregnant naturally with triplets. I think some things are meant to be.


I had a baby 9 years later then had 2 more so it does happen


My mom did but lost it then the tied and burned then again, and she hasn’t since

I had mine 24 years ago and no babies

Been almost 17 years since I had mine done with no problems

Nope, got mine tied in 2008, no pregnancies since

I did 3 months after and she has been a blessing. Guess the good Lord knew better than we did what we needed.


I had a partial sphalingectomy got pregnant and had a miscarriage then had them make sure to fully remove any traces of tubes that were left.

2 years after I ended up with a tubal pregnancy

My daughter had her oops baby 11 years ago. Oops tubal ligation didnt work. I said God said they weren’t done

They say 1 in 300 will have it not work

I had my tubes tied and 10 years later i was pregnant again