Who had their babies back to back?

Looking for stories on mama’s who had their babies back to back. I currently got pregnant a little over a month after having my 1st baby… I was wondering if you held your second pregnancy to full term or if had your baby early ? Looking for stories… I’m due with my second child when my 1st child will only be 10-11months old.


Mine are 1yr and 1 month apart… its hard not going to lie lol but wouldn’t change it for the world… they are going to be 2 and 3 this yr

I got pregnant with my last baby when the one before was 8 months old. Went into labor at 37 weeks. Ended up having a c section. But he was healthy as a hoarse.

Wow you mamas that can handle that are incredible. I had a friend that had Irish twins too (sibling born less than a year apart) she carried to term both times and had two healthy baby boys. Wish you all the best!!

I had my babies back to back one born November 12 20018 at 35 wks in our car on way to hospital and the other born November 3 2019 at 37 wks both girls

My two are 11 months apart! They’re gonna be 6 and 7 this year. It is hard some days having them so close but I love it. The first labor was horrible for me as it was my first ever and she was 9 pounds lol, the second was a breeze and she was 8 pounds. I carried both to term and even passed the due date although I had gestational diabetes with the second. Everyone is different but keep up with your appointments and voice your concerns! :heart:

My mom had my sisters 11 months apart

One was August the other was june

My girls are 12 months 1 week apart. It was def hard at times. Especially being pregnant with a baby. However now they are about to turn 3 and 4 and the bond they have is indescribable. It’s so adorable. They’re bffs literally, and fight like a married couple.

I don’t have any advice but I’m right there with you. This will be my third baby but I found out I was just about 2 months pregnant when my daughter was 3 months old. I’m so nervous. I’m going on 18 weeks now and my body has definitely hurt a lot more than my last pregnancy.

Mine were born less than 60 seconds apart. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Lily was right on time😁

I had mine 1 year and 6 days apart. My son just turned 4 and my daughter will be 3 in 5 days.
My son was 5 days overdue and my daughter 4 days early :slightly_smiling_face:

And I have six back to back.All on time none enduced none premies.All happy and healthy


I have two 5 year olds and one 15 month old :grinning:

The older two are 11 months apart. It chaotic. They fight all the time lol but routine is key! I wouldn’t change it for the world :heartbeat:

I fell pregnant 2 months after my second was born, so now 10 months apart. It was really hard at the beginning, but it soon settled down and we managed just fine, and I have no family around. Can’t imagine life without them all now. I had mine at 38 weeks 2 days, but he was a big baby. No problems throughout pregnancy or labour :slight_smile:

I got pregnant 3 months pp and I had twins 12 weeks early but I got pregnant again 3 months pp and delivered at 38 weeks. No complications with any pregnancy

My 2nd and 3rd are 11 months apart. I got induced at 38 wks with both because of diabetes. But they are happy and healthy babies.

My first two grew up pretty much like twins. As for birth. I went over due dates with both of them only difference is I went into my own labor with my 2nd, my 1st I had to be induced for low amniotic fluid. Since then I’ve had other babies, not so close together (I’ve learned my lesson) and every single baby and birth is different. There will be no actual answer for you for this one, it all depends on your pregnancy and baby. Mine are now 14 and 13 years old. And I think because they are of the oposite sex, they don’t really hang out as much as they used to.

I’m about to have my 4th in 4 years… My kids birth years are 2016, 2017, 2018 and now due in June 2020. All my pregnancies have been low-risk and full term and all my babies have been healthy even though it’s really taking a toll on my health :weary:

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