Who has gotten pregnant on the IUD?

I got pregnant with Paraguard after having it in for 2 years.

I did! You should join. IUD and pregnant! Group

I know of 2 people who got pregnant on them but both lost the baby’s in first trimester

My neice will be here in March and she had iud when she got prego

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Nope, but following :eyes:

My sister did. Thankfully , I have a beautiful family around me.

:raising_hand_woman:t3::raising_hand_woman:t3: I had my son with an IUD in. Came out infused in my placenta.

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I did. It came out in the placenta. It was in 1988

Got pregnant with paragard. They removed it and have had a lot of complications in the beginning, but currently 28 weeks preg with a healthy growing boy

About 25% of women using one will.

Many IUDs are designed to abort rather than prevent pregnancy…

I did. With mono/mono twins. Mine, however, migrated up and through the uterine wall and I never knew until after I was already pregnant. It was the Mirena.

How Can You Get Pregnant If You Were Fixed? Just Curious!

Ariana Cassio-Weldon

All these comments are getting me scurrrrrrd lmaoooo

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Just had my 4th baby and I was going to get tubal litigation but now these comments have me scaredddd as hell :joy::weary:

I had my mirena iud baby on January 15th. I had the iud put in after my son in late 2017 and I found out I was pregnant June 2020. I took a pregnancy test literally as a joke and to rule out the reason I wasn’t feeling right around that time and to my surprise, I was eight weeks pregnant. I was very fortunate to have no complications and the er docs were able to remove the iud without any issues and my daughter was right in the womb with no issues either. I opted to get the depo shot this time and at my six week postpartum appointment I’m scheduling my tubal. I wouldn’t get an iud again because of how bad it failed after two years of having it.

Got pregnant on a paraguard…almost killed me and my daughter, she came via c section at 28 weeks…do not recommend it at all.