Who should be the first to meet new baby: Grandparents or big brother?

My boyfriend and I just found out that I’m pregnant! I also have a three-year-old from another relationship, when the new baby is born, my son will be about a month shy of turning 4. Today I asked my boyfriend if my son could meet the baby first before anyone else. My boyfriend got kinda upset and said: “well, what if my parents are at the hospital waiting?” To which I let my hormones take over and said: “Why should the grandparents get to meet the baby before the big brother?” To which my boyfriend said “half brother” Which just pissed me off. My boyfriend loves my son, I know this, and I get that he’s just excited about his first child. But what do you think? Should big brother get to meet the baby first, or should the grandparents?


Siblings. Definitely.


In your own lilfam apparently come first neways

I say yes, because he’s going to be LIVING w/ the new baby, not the g’parents.

Brother first
No one saw my boy until he met his big brother

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Siblings. Always. If it’s possible.

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Siblings. Always. Shouldn’t even be a question in my mind.

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I personally don’t think it really matters who meets him first. It likely doesn’t matter to your son if he’s first either. Now that half brother remark was uncalled for and ridiculous.


I personally don’t think it matters.

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Siblings first! Grandparents and any body else can keep on waiting. that is such a special moment for the siblings!!

I would lose my shit at that comment!

Definitely the brother! Dont let your in laws or boyfriend guilt you. Do what you want mama!

Siblings first, then grandparents. Or at the same time. My parents brought my daughter to the hospital when my second was born so they met at the same time. Sister had more time holding her than my parents did though (shes 13). I made the rule that no one was to be waiting at the hospital while I was in labor, that’s just added stress and runs the risk of people barging in before you’re even ready. They can wait for the announcement that the baby has arrived and then be on their way to visit.

My mother in law was in the room when my daughter was born, my 4 yr old was in the waiting room with papa. As soon as she was born my son and father in law came in to meet her. My son wanted no part in it at all, he was more worried about playing and eating his skittles.

Brother! Or why don’t the grandparents bring brother in! Win win! And that half brother shit def needs to stop!

Why does it matter who meets the baby first? I’m not sure I understand, and it all seems extremely childish to me.


Siblings or maybe let everyone go in at once?

I say your son. But don’t let it ruin the moment. What if the grandparents bring your son? So everyone can be there? Or say come at the same time but let us have our moment as a family then you can come

Without a doubt big brother

I mean my whole family met my second son before my oldest did, but we had my dad watching our first so he met his brother when we took him home, we FaceTimed him after he was born but he didn’t physically meet him until 2 days when we came home with him.

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