Who should wake up at night with baby?

Is it a womans responsibility to wake up throughout the night to care of a baby or BOTH parents?


Well it’s both parents baby so why should only mom get up?

In the beginning we both did, but as time went on it was just me.

I couldn’t ever be with a guy who thinks mothers have to do all the parenting.

It’s equal in every way.


IMO it depends. If you are a SAHM and dad works full time, mom should! If y’all both work, I’d say both.


BOTH! Don’t leave the other one hanging. Switch off throughout the night!

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if the mother is breastfeed, she should wake up, if bottle feeding, that should be worked out between the parents. If the husband, or the boyfriend, & if he works all day, let him sleep & the mother can wake up

I think you should have this discussion before you decide to have children.

I think it depends on who is working but if you both are then just take turns

I felt I should wake up with baby when my husband had to work…but he usually would beat me in there😄

Depends… Majority of the time I wake up cause I’m a stay at home mum. My partner does in the weekend mornings which I’m so grateful for a sleep in :joy:


Both but mostly mom…especially if dad works…if both work take turns

Took u both to make baby

Well I EBF so there’s not much my husband can do lol. He sort of gets in the way. He works and I get unlimited naps during the day :woman_shrugging:

So for US, I get up. If I have ever needed a break or help he gets up if I need him to.

It should be both but there are circumstances like work schedules that interfere with that but then you can make up the difference during the day so maybe mom can have a nap or go out

I’m a stay at home mom and I breastfeed. It is 100% my job, as it should be.

Well it really depends if dad is working and moms on maternity leave then its mom if dad is off then he should have a turn too let money have some well earned rest

Both. My amazing husband and i have shifts. I wake with baby from 8-330am and then my husband takes over

Both parents SHOULD. Doesn’t mean they both do

If hes not working the next day, he gets up for me😊