Who watched your child when you were in labor?

Has anyone run into the problem of not having anyone to watch your younger one when you go to the hospital to have your second baby? I truly just don’t have anyone I can trust or ask.

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I know times are different now, but when I had my daughter, my son stayed at the hospital with us.

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My mother in law watched mine :slightly_smiling_face:

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My dad came to the hospital at 2 a.m. to get my son when I was having my daughter. I’m so sorry you don’t have anyone you can trust. What about a friend? Maybe a neighbor?

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My stepson watched my oldest when I had my second. My mom watched the two boys when I had my third. But I was alone with my first and second after giving birth. My husband had to tend to the other ones.

If you can’t let go of and give someone a little bit of trust, then you have to decide between having your SO in the hospital with you or staying home with the other child.


This is my situation also

My husband had to stay with my toddler and miss the birth of our second baby

Family… my 2nd was 3 months in hospital between my side and partners side we had it covered, very lucky!!

To many people that shouldn’t have but never left. I was pissed off to no end as iam pushing my ob ask them to leave. My ex sister and her mom

I’m literally having the same problem right now. We have been trying to figure something out all day. I’ve been crying on and off because we’ve exhausted all our options. I’m due early March and I’ll likely be alone during labor. The hospital won’t let my toddler in with my husband :broken_heart:

I’m in the same situation :roll_eyes: I’m 36 weeks and running out of time to figure it out.

He was in the delivery room with me running a fever of 104 with a double ear infection

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I gave birth holding my 14 month old


My almost 2 year old stayed with my mother in law from 5am-5pm (I was induced) My husband then left the hospital and picked him up and stayed with him that night while I was in the hospital. Took him back to her the next day while he picked me and baby up.

My original plan was to have him stay with us, the hospital said it was fine as long as we signed a waiver, but then covid ruined that. I was lucky my husband got to be there lol

My mother in law watched her when I went in at like midnight and my mother came and got her and brought her to the hospital around 11 or so and they took her dad back home to watch her until baby and I got released the next day.

My mother in law and my mother watched my eldest when my second was born, a co-worker/friend watched the first two while my ex was in the hospital with me.

My partner watched our 2 yr old when I had our baby in September

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Their grandmother :white_heart: (my mil)…I think now with covid having kids in the room isn’t an option?

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My Mil watched my little dude while i was in labour. We rang as soon as bub was here and they come straight to the hospital as its about a 20 minute drive! They got there and my Mil turns around and said, we didn’t think you were in labour, we thought you just wanted to go party and have the day to yourselves :woman_facepalming: like mate I’m 38.1 weeks pregnant the only party will be me eating and sleeping and evicting this child!