Why do celebrities give weird baby names?

I was just randomly sitting here with my friend, and we were discussing why we thought celebrities gave their kids such weird names. Why do you think they do?


It’s not just celebrities though. Lol

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I feel like it’s just a thing now that everyone wants their child to be unique lol

It only seems like celebrities do that because they’re in the spotlight. And media makes it a popular subject.
I know a kid named Sward, pronounced sword. :roll_eyes:

I think it’s because they believe their kids will always be in the spotlight. They don’t think their kids will ever have to try hard to be famous and have money. “Normal” kids have to fight to be successful and, as silly as it is, employers will judge someone based in their name.

The question I asked myself when naming my daughter was “how is this going to look on a grown woman’s resume?”


Because they can :woman_shrugging:t2: anyone can

Because celebrities need attention. If they dont get the attention they need they will shrink and shrink and the wind blow them away.


Because they don’t live in a world where a strange name will affect their livelihood. The average person wants unique, but not so weird that it will stop their child from being successful.

Sometimes the name that they give the media is actually a nickname and not what is actually on the child’s birth certificate.

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