Why do miscarriages happen?

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One reason is because nature is not infalible and sometimes things go wrong. A miscarriage is nature’s way of getting rid of something that is not right.


I had a miscarriage at 18 then got pregnant again at 24 had a boy. Then got pregnant again at 26 had another miscarriage and got pregnant at 28 and had a baby girl. Two rainbow babies. I wish I knew why they both happened but sadly its more common than most woman think.


Recommend getting a blood test to check hormone levels, specifically progesterone, before pregnancy and as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Don’t wait till 10 or 11 weeks to check that. Tell them you want a Progesterone blood test check right away and they’ll do it for you. Progesterone is huge. Eat well, good vitamins, 100 grams of protein a day. Do not over exercise or overstress your body in early pregnancy, even if you are used to strenuous exercise. Give yourself some time and do light stuff.

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Hormone imbalances. Sadly they are monitored only via bloodwork which is fickle and generic. A much more accurate hormone panel is done by saliva. I have had “infertile” friends bear children when placed on bioidentical hormone therapy…no more miscarriages! :purple_heart:


I had miscarriages because I never knew I had an auto immune blood clotting disorder called APS. everytime I’d get pregnant and my blood doubles my blood would clot and the baby couldn’t grow. Many reasons on why they occur. After 3 back to back I got my rainbow baby last year. :heart:


They can also happen if your pregnancy occurs right after coming off birth control.


1st trimester miscarriages are usually due to chromosomal abnormalities but if its recurrent so there are different causes workup should be done

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A whole host of reasons. I couldn’t keep my progesterone high enough. It was a twin pregnancy. We did everything we could.

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Rh negative mother with o positive father incomparable blood also can cause repeated miscarriages


Chromosomal abnormalities is what I was told when I had my miscarriage but sometime we never know :broken_heart::broken_heart:

We may never know :broken_heart::pensive:

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I’ve had 7 and we don’t know why

Sometimes a lack of progesterone

Lots of reasons. Sometimes it could be one of the reasons mentioned already, Sometimes it could be a result of a bad reaction to a drug or :syringe: the mom took while pregnant, Sometimes it’s the result of an accident, Sometimes it’s the result of birth control that didn’t fully leave the system, etc. Honestly Sometimes it just happens because the baby isn’t forming right due to toxins in the moms environment. Sometimes its due to genetic abnormalities in the mom like mthfr. There are SO many possibilities, it’s hard to say exactly why people miscarry in every single case.

The body detects that something is wrong with the fetus and rejects it by miscarrying. But it could also be caused by stress, a medication, certain foods, getting hurt, etc.

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So many reasons. Most never known.

I wish I know. The doctor couldn’t tell me why. I was 7 week before my miscarriage. It took over a year to get pregnant with my rainbow baby.

It’s nothing you did wrong. Theres abnormal chromosomes and our body recognises that’s something is wrong and ends the pregnancy.