Why don't siblings like each other until they are older?

Why is it that siblings hate one another till they are so much older? I wish at a young age they could see the love and affection that one sibling has for the other. I’m a mother of three and tried to figure this out while they were younger, and now they are all over hick as thieves. Now I watch my grandkids and see the love that the youngest has for the oldest, but she hates him to the end of the world. I just don’t get it. I’m an only child, and I always wanted a sibling to love, teach, and to know I always had a best friend in his life. But I guess that’s not how we all see things.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why don't siblings like each other until they are older?

Siblings never hate each other, they may not get along at younger ages but they will always love each other. It’s the I’m the only one that can be mean to you type of thing. I’m the youngest of 4 and always felt like my siblings hated me but in reality it toughened me up Nd they always had my back.

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Mines are the opposite my daughter was just about 5 when my twin sons were born and they have all been peas in a pod since day 1. They are now 10 and 15. Maybe it’s bc it’s opposite sex bc my mother has all girls and we live each other HARD but we are constantly arguing :woman_facepalming:t4::tired_face:

As the youngest sibling, there are many reasons why as kids were can’t stand our siblings. My sister and I STILL fight quite a bit but that is due more to jealousy than anything and really is petty

I honestly think it depends me and my older brother never got along, but my kids 6,3, 8 months love eachother my oldest is all about his siblings.

I am the oldest of 4. As children we loved each other, minor fighting and thicker than thieves. As adults, I love my siblings but don’t like them very much because of who they became.
I have 2 children, 10 years apart. When they were younger the oldest didnt like the youngest at all. Understandably because she invaded his only child space.They started getting really close when the youngest was about 8 or 9. Now, at 24 and 34…they are so close and protective of each other.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why don't siblings like each other until they are older?

Mine were the opposite way lol

Think spending so much time together it will always end up fighting arguing just get sick of each other. :joy::joy:

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It’s really not that they don’t see the love they just know how to press each others buttons they literally grow up together learning what buttons to press and it’s all fun and games till they really throw some serious shade at one another then it’s on like donkey Kong lol


Some siblings are just like that, I get on fine with my older brother but our younger sister (she’s 22) is just a drama queen, we both avoid her, I’ve never really “liked” her since we were kids, no idea why we’re just so different

I hated my sister till i was like 24. We fist fight and all. My two toddlers have a love and hate my oldest could care less lol

As an adult my adults kids 36 33 30 28 all hate each other and they don’t speak to each other including me

Its human to get sick of each other. And kids are kids.

So have all together 9 siblings I make number 10 all together I’m the 3rd oldest some siblings love eachother some don’t it just how it is it changes sometimes but not always I honestly think it’s cause when ur lil u want all the attention then when u get older ur to bizzy wanting space and secrets happen and basiclly blackmail happens and that’s what happens :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My sister was an extra piece in my life that got in the way of me and my mum. I hated her because she was just like me. I also hated her because of she wanted something she’d moan at mum thta I’d had it long enough and it was her turn. Or if she got something I didn’t, say she was off school poorly and got a glass of lucozade… I’d be so annoyed of her (trivial things most definitely, but to a child these are the end of the earth problems lol) it’s only as you get older and realise how hard adult life can be and how simple kid life was back then… Me and my sister hated each other so much. I mean I’d always stick up for her if anyone tried to fight her or call her names (which was a lot as she was the 1st girl in the secondary school to have a short haircut not in keeping with every single other girl) now we are best friends it’s mad

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Kids are assholes! Enough said! :joy:


I never hated brothers or sister not from young age or now at this age if I not very well they ring to see if ok they always there wee never rows

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why don't siblings like each other until they are older?