Why is my toddler fighting sleep all of a sudden?

My son is 2.5, and for some reason, the last several months have been horrible with sleep. He’ll fight me for hours once tucked in, and then once asleep; he will only sleep a few hours before waking up and staying awake for many more hours. Just last night, he fought sleep until after 11 pm (bedtime tuck-in is 8:30, and the routine has been the same for years); he was awake by 1:30 am, stayed up until 5 am and then was awake for the day again at 9:30 am. It doesn’t matter if he naps or not, if we play outside most of the day, nothing. I have no idea what is going on, but I’m 28 weeks pregnant and going slightly crazy over here. My five year old fought sleep for a little while at this age but not this much and not for this long. Please help.

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Its not that unusual at this age. Its important tho to keep the schedule. Dont change that. If u r really concerned maybe talk to his dr.

My doctor suggested giving melatonin for a few months. It worked really well.

With my boys it was no sugar, juice, fruit after 3pm or they’d be up forever.

Could be teething! Might be waking in pain :blue_heart:

Give him malitonin. It won’t hurt him. But it will help him sleep. I give it to my 2 yr old grandson every night. That’s how I broke him from the bottle without the screaming and crying. Usually is asleep within 15 minutes. He wakes up some times, but only for a minute or two. Long enough for a diaper change and back to sleep.


Could he be teething? My son has been nonstop sleeping with me for the past three months due to his bottom molars FINALLY breaking through! And the dentist said it looks like the top ones aren’t far behind… he wakes up the second I leave the room, so I’ve just been sleeping for 12 hours a night with him. No really complaining since I’m almost 30w pregnant :joy: except when I have to get up to pee and he wakes up… they’re so clingy when they’re teething, but definitely sounds like a growth spurt or teething to me, mama!

My 4 yr old is the same way. If he falls asleep around 8 or 9, he’ll wake up around 12 thinking it’s time to party til 5 or 6. Trying to get us back on a schedule before i go back to work

It’s a stage they all go through it. Find something that works and stick it out until it gets better. If they don’t outgrown it it could be something more severe. My daughter did this all the time and she’s fine now. But I suffer from insomnia

Sleep regression. Keep your routine the same. I didn’t care so much if mine woke up but they were taught that they needed to stay in their bedroom. Even now my 3 yr old doesn’t fall asleep until late. He can be awake, he can play with toys but he must stay in his bedroom and be quiet.

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When my daughter realized I was pregnant a bit younger than that, we just let her cosleep. It lasted a few months and then she went back to her crib. She got the extra snuggles she was needing and we all got sleep.

When my daughter was this age and refused to go to sleep we discovered that foot massages would knock her right out.

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Teething. Growth spurt. Could be awakening from dreams. Could be a million different things. Best thing to do is be consistent with the previous routine and try to get them back on it.

My midwife told me when this happened with my oldest to not be the mom in charge of bedtime routine and the put downs. Dad’s have to do it and be firm. My ex was an away trucker when this happened it only took a few times but it was much better since I too was pregnant with my second at the time and my son refused to let me leave him to sleep so I had to sleep on the floor most nights. Broke him real quick.

Toddlers really start to assert their fight for independence. Not going to sleep is something in their world they can control. Be patient, they grow out of it.

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Same here… 2.5yo decided 9pm bedtime meant 1am wake up. Staying up literally until 6am. I had to put her to bed later. Luckily Im a night owl, she goes to bed at 11 or so now and has been sleeping all night. Im not sure if its a good solution but it’s working for us.

Lavender baths, I’ve been doing kids melatonin for my daughter every other day or so, not sure of your toddler would like it but I would do chamomile tea when he was under the age of one. He might also need more physical activities to tire him at night.

Health food store and get baby Valerian, its all natural. I had to use it on my granddaughter was a life safer. Got her straightened and back on a schedule.

When they become teenagers you can’t get them out of bed !!


My son went through the same phase at that age. It sucks but eventually stopped