Why is my toddler having so many accidents all of a sudden?

My 2 year old ( almost 3 yr old ) has been potty trained since June; when we started the potty training, he had maybe max four accidents the whole week before he got it down packed. He has a big brother, so it was easy to potty train him because of his brother. But two weeks ago, when his brother started kindergarten, he has started to have multiple accidents every single day! I don’t know what to do help, please…


I think you answered your own question. His brother is now gone a good portion of the day. That’s a big change for a little guy.


Hes 2/3 years old. Dont expect him to be perfectly potty trained.


It’s probably because his brother is at school

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My 3yo still has minor accidents here and there.
I think you may have answered your own question. His big brother is now going school and gone a good deal of the day. Big change for the little one.

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He probably went when brother did, more of a person trained than trained on his own. Now that brother isn’t home he probably isn’t sure of the “I have to pee” signs.
Be patient with him he has a new learning process in this potty training.

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Try having him go to the bathroom every 30 mins or hourly. Reward him with a sticker or something (not sweets or food). Maybe a chart and if he makes it to a week of star stickers you’ll take him for icecream or some other super rare fun activity. Above all praise praise praise him when he goes Yay my big boy went potty! Good job buddy etc


Sounds like a big change just happened with his older brother going to school and so he is thinking that using the toilet is something that he himself can control when things feel a little out of control. And yes I did kind of quote Olaf in that LOL

everytime you go, have him go too. Big bro was probably the “potty alarm” so to speak.

Just start doing the toilet every 30 minutes let him know that it’s time to go potty and he’ll get back on track

Any small change can cause a set back. Just be patient and help him work through it

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Also, check with your Dr to make sure he doesn’t have a bladder infection . Just to rule it out

Brother going to school is a big change, and regression is a normal response. Focus on postive reinforcement and he’ll pick it back up

  1. Hes only 2
  2. Brother is gone
  3. His reminder to potty is gone a good portion of the day now.

Keep encouraging him. This is a new situation for him

I know when we moved my daughter 4(fully potty trained ) started having accidents at night it was bc of the change so she “didn’t know” when to go I guess.

It oils be anything but I remember this happening to my youngest and it turned out being a UTI with no other symptoms.

Honestly one time when my husband was in jail for a short time my daughter started peeing the bed. My sister-in-law said it was because Daddy was gone and there has been change put into place.sometimes that may have an effect sort of like with your other child going on to kindergarten they are now not home all day.another thing just because they are potty trained doesn’t mean anything at any given time your child can start rebelling against you because they make it mad about something or sad or angry and then that could cause them to start having accidents maybe they are jealous of something that’s what happened with my second daughter she would get jealous and then like everything you just done went out the window.my daughter was potty trained by 2 years old and I would put regular panties on her I did not use pull-ups I’m sorry they are a sorry excuse for a diaper in my opinion and they’re too expensive so my daughter figure it out if she peed her panties she was wet unless she changed her panties I also had a Dora potty seat that went on my body just for her I also had a reward system going on for example I did not have stickers and Candy we would go to Walmart and get a doll later on when she got older we would go eat at a favor restaurant something along those lines. I still do that for example my eleven-year-old stayed by herself with my friends kids long enough for me to take I’m going to reward her with a Brand New cover for her tablet.when she was younger I would do special mother daughter things like having tea time with muffins or cookies and I had these teapots that had special cups to them and that’s what we would do sometimes we would have mother daughter lunch dates out of favorite place such as McDonald’s and go play on the playground. You’ve got to make it fun and interesting as well.

Regression because of a big change. It’s not uncommon, even if it weren’t because of a chance in routine 2 year olds will continue to have accidents every now and then.

Regression is so normal!!

Set a timer …and tell him that every time the timer goes off his brother is going potty and he should too… or make it fun to remotely sort of connect with his brother that hes missing