Why pregnancy problems are more common now?

Are pregnancy problems more common now than they used to be? I know I have had several this time around. I’m sick all the time, basically can’t control my bladder and my legs are really swollen.


It depends on the person. Every pregnancy is different.

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My first and second pregnancies were fine, my third was a nightmare and this one has been fine again. Every pregnancy is completely different x

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I think pregnancies get more difficult each time. I’ve had 4 and that’s how it went for me anyways.


All are difficult in their own ways. My 1st i was sick the whole 1st trimester but then everything was great until emergency c-section… 2nd I just had headaches in the 1st trimester and then I caught every single bug or cold possible & had bleeding ulcers but my labor was what I hoped for :slightly_smiling_face:

Pregnancy is different for everyone

Depends on age . My last pregnancy at 35 was horrible . I stayed sick the whole 9 months . I lost 35 pounds during pregnancy . I believe the older a lady is the worse the pregnancy

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I dont know, I only had one and it was rough :woman_shrugging:

Every pregnancy is different. With my first, the only issue I had was that my legs and feet were horribly swollen the last 2 months of pregnancy. Swollen to the point that I could not wear shoes at all. I wore slippers every where because that’s was all I could get on my feet. My second pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes. I was 31 & 32.

I don’t think so cuz I had no problems during my pregnancy. Only heartburn started at the end of my second trimester but went away with tums

I was in my early 20’s with my firstborn sick until I was 6 months pregnant. Mid 20’s when I had my last. I was sick every day all day until the day she was born. I begged the dr not to put me in the hospital. I actually weighed about 10lbs less than when I got pregnant. My firstborn weighed 8lbs 8ozs almost 2 weeks over. My second 7lbs 7ozs and was 3 weeks early.

Well my first boy was sick almost the whole time but I was high risk with him. The second one is a girl and was sick at first then that was it . Now with this 3rd I’m 11 weeks and no throwing up and hardly any morning sickness and I’m 28. So when it comes down to the answer it’s your body you can’t compare your pregnancy with others unfortunately.

Lol pregnancy symptoms dont get worse based on time change environment or other people.
It’s based on each pregnancy.
Some are worse than others.

My pregnancies were more difficult each time…by my 5th baby I thought I was going to die, or hoped to die on some days bc I was so sick.

Swollen legs can be linked to pre eclampsia

Oh geez mamas. I’m the same way with constant bathroom trips. But other than that I’m staying away from salt and salty foods/snacks. Wear compression socks and resting more. So mamas take it easy. Rest more. No need to tire yourself out. Elevate your feet/legs. You’ll be fine. Your body and Baby’s way of telling you to rest.

I had 4 babies at age 27, 29, 33 and 35 all fine.
I have a relative who had her baby at age 42 and she said it was wonderful she’ll go through it again anytime. My daughter-in-law though had severe morning sickness and ended up in hospital a few times but she still decided to have 3 kids! It’s different for everyone.

im on baby number 3 they have all had their differences but this has actually probably been my best pregnancy yet…i am 34 years old only real issue this time around is gestational diabetes!!! Other than that its been awesome!!!

I had my son when I was 20; currently 35 weeks pregnant and I’m 32 this pregnancy has been horrible with sickness and preterm contractions starting at 27 weeks but not dilating; I wouldn’t wish this kind of pregnancy on anyone but can’t wait to meet my daughter

I think that any pregnacy after your first you just notice it more honestly as far as being pregnant both by boys were my hard ones