Why would my step daughter be having so many accidents?

My stepdaughter, who is turning 5 in March, is peeing to bed every night and some times even peeing in her pull-up in the morning while she’s awake, now she’s starting to even pee in her underwear… she was potty trained for a couple of years and then she just started peeing to bed at night, and it’s just escalated as I said. She does it with her mom and us. She stopped completely for about a week, about a month ago, and then just started again and that’s when she started even peeing in her panties… when you try to talk to her and ask her why she will start crying and say, I don’t know and there pretty much no way to get an answer out of her… we don’t really know what we can do, we know she can’t help it at night when she’s asleep, but she can help it when she’s awake… we’ve taken things from her, given things to her, made charts with treats, made it clear how proud we are when she doesn’t pee and nothing…


Obviously there is the question of if she is being sexually abused… I don’t even like to think about it let alone say it. But she could also be suffering from a urinary tract infection. There are lots of things that could be happening. Take her to her doctor.

Honestly punishing her for something she may not be able to help could be making it worse.


She could have a UTI? Or something is upsetting her

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Get tested for diabetes… she may actually not have any control and punishing her for it will just make it worse


She needs to see a professional to rule out any medical reasons first. Then a psychologist to rule out trauma

Please dont punish her. There’s more here than just not going


I’ve noticed my son has accidents at night when he’s having anxiety (not in the day tho)

I would take her to the primary doctor and have her checked for type one diabetes. Excessive urination and thirst are some of the first symptoms


Make sure she isn’t constipated she may be holding it well enough during the day then the pressure and relaxed muscles she may be wetting the bed.

Unfortunately that can be a sign of sexual abuse. It would be a good idea to take her to her doctor.


Has something drastic changed in your usual day to day life, medical issues could be the culprit aswell, she could be having a regression, but I’d seriously sit her down and let her know that this isnt what big girls do and its worrying you that its happening cause she was doing so good before…has she been frightened by something…

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Set a schedule for her. Make sure she at least tries to go every 2 or 3 hours or so. They make watches, alarms and I think even apps now.


Could be a number of things medically wrong, especially psychologically. Worst thing you can do until you have a definite answer is punish her for something she can’t control.


One of two things:
Sexual abuse
Medical issue.

Accidents aren’t something they want to happen, and since she cries seek help


Take her to the Dr. And make sure she does not have an infection.

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Probably a stressed out little girl bouncing back and forth for one. Might try communicating with all of the parents and step parents

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My daughter had this happen and turns out she was having seizures. Need her to be seen to rule out medical issues

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Sometimes a child can grow but their bladder doesn’t grow as it is suppose to also… My nephew had this…we had to do excersises etc… Etc… I would start with seeking medical attention and make sure there is nothing medical going on
… And then proceed from there… And see what your doc recommends

When you are asking her “ why” and she started to
Cry and says she doesn’t know, is because she doesn’t know and the question itself is adding pressure.

I’d get her to the GP to rule out anything medical xx

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Make sure she knows shes not in trouble when you ask her and make sure she knows you just want to help. I had problems in the bathroom for years and I know I was always so scared to get in trouble for it.


My advice would be call her doctor and get an appointment for her. She could be constipated, or a UTI. My 9 year old would have accidents at school because she was constipated it honestly can cause issues.