Why would my step daughter be having so many accidents?

Take her to see a doctor

This happened with my middle son. I found whenever he was overwhelmed, over tired or if there was something bothering him at school or between homes (shared custody with his father) he would have accidents during the night. Very common with kids who are between 2 homes or have something big happening in their life they are trying to adjust to

Get her kidneys looked at

Girls sometimes go “backwards” if they were trained too early

Urinarinary tract infection or I’ve had cousins with bed wetting had bladder issues too small bladders go to a doctor that deals with these issues

You might want to take her to her Dr cause she may have something wrong with her bladder

Take her to the doctor, have them check if she has a UTI. That will do it. For night time, she could just be a really heavy sleeper, as I had this issue with one of my kids when they were little. She’ll out grow it, once you take care of any underlying physical health issue.

Is she worried about anything that can trigger wetting herself but could be something else I would get her to the doctors incase there’s an underlying health issue

Please don’t shame her by discipline. There is a reason she is doing this. It could be stress from environmental changes, could be physical like diabetes, bladder infection?? My son is 12 and he still has nocturnal wetting. It is a decrease in hormones that shut urine production at night. Reasons are endless.

Can be a sign of UTI or kidney issue…

Could be a medical problem could be a sign of sexual abuse. Get her help ASAP


Definitely talk to her doctor and if everything checks out maybe a therapist?

Check into tethered spinal cord.

My daughter had a similar experience. They ruled out behavioral and we went to a specialist- urologist who found that she was impacted and that was causing the desensitization of the bladder.

I would go with a DR. first my daughter had issues with her urethra tubes not closing all the way and she had to have surgery and the bed wetting stopped immediately

My gs is almost 4 and recently started popping his pants multiple times a day. So far only thing that works is taking his tablet and almost forcing him on toilet

Could be a sign of sexual abuse happening at mom’s. Get her checked asap. Also I would get kidneys checked too as a safety precaution


It can be anything from an infection, to being overwhelmed or emotional, all the way to sexual abuse🤷‍♀️ Take her to her dr and let them see what they think and tbh it could be nothing at all and just be regression…It happens🤷‍♀️ Don’t scold, honestly even what you described above probably feels like scolding to her in that moment so I personally wouldn’t say much until she’s been evaluated. Our dr told us that some kids literally just cannot make their brain work in a way that let’s them not have accidents, their brain is just not mature enough yet and when we stopped trying so hard, she had less anyway. She still will once in a while but it’s a lot less frequent than when she first regressed which was basically nightly

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Constipation? A doctor can detect that. Even if she has a regular bowel movement…she still can be constipated.

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My stepson was doing the same thing when he was that age! Thought it was a bladder infection but turned out he was type 1 diabetic! I’d get her checked out just to be safe!