Why would my step daughter be having so many accidents?

She may have a uti!! Seek a professional opinion possibly? I had this issue has a child. And it was uti!


For me it was linked with my anxiety disorder


Stop using pull ups. You confuse a child by putting a diaper on but to use the toilet. It’s got to be all in. Accidents and all. 5 is WAY too big for pull ups anyways. Hope this helps. Potty accidents are awful.


Take her to the doctor. She might have an infection, or is being sexually abused.


This is something she has control over when she has no control in life. Once she feels like life is good again things will change. Just give her time

medical issues take her to the doctor


Solid advice here, thanks for sharing!

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check for an infection

Not trying to scare you because it could be many things. But something I hear pretty commonly is kids tend to do this after being abused. I would try to dig deeper and make sure nothing happened


Lol for second I was like is this my baby daddy’s wife lol . But I know they don’t take shit that serious . It’s just a lazy phase and distraction .

Sounds like anxiety. Is there something she’s anxious about? Punishing her is only going to make it worse. That’s common sense. Her parents should be seeking counseling for her. There’s something not right in her life.

Constipaded. My son had that problem, he was backed up n it was pushing on his bladder .weakening it

Take her to the doctor… Could be a medical reason and she cant help it

Take to Doctor.Could be a Urinary tract infection.Has anything changed in her life ? New babysitter ,or step Dad ?

Maybe she doesn’t know why?. And she is telling you the truth. she needs to see a doctor as there could be a few medical reasons on why this is happening. Me as a parent the fist thing I would be doing is getting some medical advice first.


I don’t like to put this out there and scare any parent, however. Has she been around people you are unfamiliar with, or is she around someone who makes her uncomfortable. When I was 2-4 years old I was sexually groomed and raped. It happened with a close family member and my family was blind sided by it. One of the ways my grandma caught on was I was having issues with the potty… wetting the bed, wetting myself, I was really scared to say anything to anyone so I would cry if I was confronted about wetting myself. My grandma ended up having me seen and a child psychologist was the one who helped. It could be something as harmless as an infection, she could also just be having issues with stopping when she’s playing and just being a bit lazy and winds up wetting herself because she waits till last minute. However, if this is something new and you’ve done everything, maybe you should start looking for where the problem started to begin with if you understand what I mean. Xoxo momma, hope it’s nothing to serious :kissing_heart::heart:


Take her to the doctor make sure there’s no medical problems but sometimes it is pure laziness… My best friend’s daughter peed her pants out of pure laziness she refused to stop playing or doing whatever so she would just go in her pants my sister same way both of them were taken to the doctors to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong they couldn’t find anything it did eventually stop but it took wow

I would take her to the dr and have her checked. Something has changed and it’s effecting her in ways she can’t explain to you…

In cases like this; you need to think about the worst situations. Young kids don’t normally randomly start pissing themselves after being potty trained unless they have an undiagnosed medical issue, or they’ve been/being molested.


Mine does this when there’s a big change/something upsetting happens… Like we have had issues over lockdown and its because she’s missing school, friends routine ect. We have talks and go through her worries or what ever and it usually stops. I’d be concerned about her getting so upset when you bring it up but that could be embarrassment. I’d definitely take her out of pull ups and just bring her before you go to bed yourself. She’s still very young too! my doc said bed wetting up to 8/9 is normal and very common.