Wil my daughter's period sync to mine or will mine sync to theirs?

The curious question here. I have a ten-year-old & 12 year old. When they get their period-will, my hormones sync to the time they get their period, or will they get it around the time I get it? I don’t get it at the same time every month; I do however, get it every 21 days. Just super curious about this.


It should. Mine sync with my mums every now and then.

The belief is they move together. This increases the chance of tribes to reproduce better.

I didnt got my on the same day till my daaugther started her and i synced to hers…Rasing girls is hard

Depends on if they’re around any other females. One could sync up to a friend’s or other relative and the other to yours. :woman_shrugging:

There is no way to predict that or if it will ever even happen…


Honestly it depends, I was synced with my 2 girls and then kinda same issue as you with 21-25 day cycle, mine has been coming 2 weeks before theirs. One of them did start earlier this month, and the other started a couple days later.

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I synced with my mom since I spent alot of time with her

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Period syncing is a myth, medically speaking. If it does happen it’s only due to coincidence since the uneven days of the menstral cycle inevitably cause it to shift weeks throughout the month over time.


My daughter and her best friend synced. They were inseparable

Mine did sync with my two girls or a day or two apart each month

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I always say the sync up with the Alpha Wolf!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I sync with my co-workers…if that helps…:rofl:

This is a myth. If you end up on the same cycle, it’s mostly by coincidence. I shared a house with several women for quite a while and none of us were ever on the same cycle.


my daughter (age 11) has synced with her 2 friends (they are 11 and 12)

After 3 years mine just synced to my daughters

There’s only one way to find out…wait for it to happen. We are random people on Facebook not fortune tellers :rofl:


My period has always ALWAYS been irregular and having a baby didn’t change that. However working where I do now where there is an overwhelming amount of women all the time, it regulated within about half a year and is now MUCH more predictable. Call it a myth if you want, but with my experience it’s true. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I have two daughters and we are all synced about a week apart

My mom and me were usually synced up. Made that time of the month so rough lol. Good luck