Will a judge allow me to move with my kids?

I live in one state. And my kid’s father lives in the state next to mine. Sees the kids every other weekend. Forty-eight hours twice a month. We have joint custody, but I have residential. I received a call where my mother is going blind. She lives in FL. Would a judge allow me to move to take care of my mother until she gets a nurse? But more or less, I want to stay there because why would I leave my mother legally blind and live in another state. He’s already giving me a problem with going, saying he wants me to give him my kids. But he is a piece of poop. Who can’t afford even to feed himself. And isn’t stable but will move to his mother’s house, which is a business. (Dog kennel/ doggy daycare). They get strays all the time. Violent dogs and all. They train them but currently four large dogs. And four cats… And he wants to add three kids, 2 of which are toddlers. End of it is, Would a judge allow me to take my kids to reside with my mother to care for her as this is a medical emergency type of case?


Possible, but only way to know is court


It should be in your court paperwork

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It depends on the state and your custody agreement. Talk to your lawyer.

Probably not as the father has rights. And since he’s in the children’s life then judge could say no and really is it fair on him to miss out on his kids. Give him the kids so then you can look after your mum or move mum to your place


Not likely if you have joint legal custody and he sees them on his visitation times. If he was an absent father you would have better luck, but he is showing up for his kids. Why not just bring your mother to your home or an assisted living center near you?


Doesn’t hurt to ask, maybe ask your lawyer… could you move your mom to your place?


More than likely they will grant you the move but he will get them so many times a year a lot of times so much in the summer and split holidays. you will also have to agree on how they are getting back and forth and who’s paying for it. I just had a friend deal with this. They had to go back to court because he fought it and it was a process before the judge made the decision. Everyone had to take the stand and the kids were spoken to in private about both mom and dad.

It depends on how much the move will interfere with his visitation.

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You need a Good lawyer

I dont think so. You might have to an ok for your ex. But get it on paper please.

If the place he resides at is a danger to your kids, why haven’t you reported it?


He wouldnt be able to provide what they need. Stable home, the dogs…I’m a geoomer with a kennel…I’d do it anyway. Its what’s best and a judge would see that. I’d say hes not going to get a lawyer to fight it, if he wants to see them then he should drive


You should look at your papers about it. Mine says I can move anywhere. My husbands ex cannot leave the county,

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Very iffy…depends on the state…some have laws you can only live so far without permission


You can ask for a revision of visitation but you’ll be financially responsible for the kids flying to see him or however it works

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It is completely a possibility but unless you petition the court for an amendment to move there is no way to know!

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Why not bring your mom to you. You can’t take kids from there Dad. They need both parents


If it’s such an emergency, move your mother to you.
You may not like the guy, but your kids are entitled to know and be close to their dad. It’s not about what’s best for you or your mum.


Most places only allow a move if it’s a significant change in lifestyle.

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