Will doctors do a blood gender test at 10-weeks?

I wanted to do the blood test to determine gender. I’m ten weeks pregnant. Does most Drs allow it? Is there a reason why they wouldn’t? I asked my midwife about it and waiting for a response. But I want to get opinions from others who have done it. Was it accurate? With my daughter, I waited until 19 weeks but would really like to do a blood test. Is it a common thing that Drs allow?

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It’s called a maternity 21. They check primarily for genetic abnormalities but also can pick up gender at I wanna say 12 weeks

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Mine did it at 11 weeks. Said that was the earliest i could do it for an accurate result and it was accurate. She said at 11 weeks it jumps to a 90-something percent rate of accuracy.

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I got mine done at 10 weeks, and bc it’s a blood test it’s pretty accurate yes- they’re looking for an x or Y chromosome- seldom is that wrong. A lot of Insurances don’t cover the test, maybe that’s why??

Its pretty accurate because it picks up the dna and it’s done with the genetic blood testing. Most insurance will not cover it and you have to pay out of pocket its runs around few hundred dollars.

Mine was done at 10.5 weeks. According to the ultrasound I had done at around 20 weeks the results were accurate!

What does it matter? As long as there healthy.

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I think its most accurate between 10-12weeks just ask

I did mine at 11 weeks and it was accurate! My doctor offered it around 10 but told me it’s most accurate around 12 weeks

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Doctor won’t deny it but insurance can if you’re only doing it for gender and not for the ACTUAL purpose of checking for genetic abnormalities. Yes theyre accurate because its a blood test done in a sterile clinic unlike the sneak peak at home test that can be off simply by having a male in the same room when getting the blood sample.


Never heard of it before but Does it matter what baby is xx

The test u are thinking of is the harmony test- which is primarily for chromosomal/genetic abnormalities and its done at around12 weeks. Its not done just for gender reasons, but for the abnormalities reasons.

Drs usually allow it but insurance paying for it is another story, I would check with insurance first

Its called NIPT, to find out gender usually done at 11 weeks

My doctor told me the sex of my babies at 13 weeks and 14 weeks. Not sure why you’d have to wait that long.

If you have Medicaid in the state of MS, they will only pay for a gender ultrasound at 18 weeks. I’d call your insurance and find out.

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I got mine done at 9 weeks… it was called MaterniT 21 test… did it at doctors office and MA covered it.

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The answer to your question is most likely no. The 10 week test is for genetics and used mostly when the dr feels there is an issue. Your post was upsetting to me. I had that test done at 10 weeks only to find out my son, wasn’t going to make it. So please, don’t use that test


I got mine done at 10 weeks but it was for medical reasons not gender. But shes a girl and it said girl. It was also right about the medical stuff, rh factor.

If you want to find out, look and see if you have any fun ultrasound 3D boutiques near you that offer Sneak Peek. I did mine at a 3D boutique near me and my blood was drawn by a certified phlebotomist. I got a girl result. I’m 34 weeks and after the many, many potty shots on the ultrasounds I have had… she is most definitely all girl! :joy: