Will I have to have another c-section?

If you had an emergency csection a few years ago and were expecting again. Is it true you have to do csection again if baby is big consider 9-10 pounds I’m stressing about this since my OB said that. I want it to be natural my first born was in the range of 6 pounds. They think this baby is going to be big since I’m measuring big but that’s how I was with my first my stomach would be measuring big.


They can never know for sure until the end. My son measured big and ended up only 7 lbs. I know a lot of people who have had a vaginal birth after having a c-section.

You do not have to, there are drs that will do VBAC but they are rare. I would google some :slightly_smiling_face:

I had an emergency csection with my first and then a scheduled with my 2nd. Zero regrets.


I had an emergency c section first pregnancy was allowed tk try natural second but ended up havin another c section

I’m in the same boat. My first kid was a boy he was 9lbs 12oz. & I had a c-section.
This time I’m pregnant with a girl but I ended up with gestational diabetes with her & she’s estimating to be big too. I was hoping for vaginal but doctors are saying ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I had a scheduled C section with my first and I’m planning on having another one. My doctor offered me a VBAC but I feel more comfortable having another scheduled one.

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My OB told me that I could do a V-bac but because my first son was 9 pounds 3 oz, he was considered big and their hospital policy was to do another c section.
So I guess it depends on the hospital policy. But I will say, they thought my first son would be 6 pounds and he was 9. And they thought my second son would be big and he was 7 pounds so don’t go off measuring lol

I had 4 C Sections. All my babies were under 8 pounds

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Emergency c section 9 lb baby my ob let me try vaginal with my second but it also ended in a c section she was 10 lbs.

My first was an emergency c section he was 10.7lbs. I am opting for another c section planned this time - labour was way to long 36 hours & I failed to progress so it was what we decided . I could of done a VBAC but I’m also getting my tubes out and with the c section it can get all done at once .

It depends on the reason you had the first csection. And how long ago your first csection was. Talk about it with your ob and discuss the risks. They know what’s best. If you don’t agree try another doctor. I had emergency with my first, scheduled csection with my second and I’m having another csection this time. It all depends on why you had to have the first csection


This depends on the reason you had the first C-section, of you or baby are at risk of the same thing happening again & your doctor.

I had 2 vag births & 1 emergency, near death C-section. Besides the near death, emergency part if I was to have another baby I’d choose a C-section. Everyone talks about recovery with C-section. I walked over a mile less than 24 hours after my son was born without pain meds (my ex wouldn’t allow me to have any pills). My 2nd baby was 3 days of the worse pain & the worse expirence of my life & I’ve through a lot of shit.

I had a emergency csection for my first. (She was Stuck in birth canal as baby was big)…
they said vbac at first for my second but then Cos I got transferred to another hospital they booked me in for a planned csection due to them losing my file an there wasn’t enough time to plan an go over my information seems I was 37 weeks by then. An they seen I previously had csection due to big baby so I guess they weren’t chancing it again.
Maybe ask for a reason as to why u can’t have vbac, I just had my 3rd baby an he was 95% percentile an I was told he was going to be big but he was 7 pound. I thought they tried vbac unless there’s a medical reason as to why.

I had an emergency the first, and two more scheduled after that. Actually went into labor the night before both scheduled dates and by the time I went in I was almost emergency status again :woman_facepalming:

You do not need to have a csection with a larger baby. It can always be a possibility if their are complications or issues but talk to your doctors because they can explain everything. I had both mine vbac and my first was 8pounds 13 ounces and second was 9pounds 14 ounces and with him they induced me 2 weeks early because he was measuring big

I know women who have had a 10lb baby naturally. I would discuss your wish to have a vbac with your Dr

If your OB says he won’t do it, then you can’t. However you can try to find a physician that allows VBAC and will accept you at whatever gestation you are. You always have other options, it’s just whether or not it’s feasible with how far along you are.

I just went for a vbac 6 weeks ago and ended up having to have another c section anyways. From experience if they recommend the c section instead of natural do it. My baby couldn’t handle the stress of labor and he ended up with bruises from being stuck up against my hips bones!

Absolutely not true!! Doctors will often use that as a scare tactic, very very rarely will a woman’s body ever make a body it cannot deliver naturally. You never have to schedule a csection, or go in for one if you don’t want to. If you show up to the hospital in labor they cannot turn you away because you didn’t schedule a csection, and they CANNOT force you to have a csection. Hospital policy is not law, you can decline anything and they cannot turn you away if youre in labor. It’s your body and your birth, you have the right to have that baby you want to, with trained staff their IN CASE you need something. I suggest finding some vbac groups to join here on Facebook’s. Those momma’s can give you lots more info, evidence based research, links/articles, and help you learn how you can fight for yourself!! They are warriors.