Will my sons bald spot go away?

I have a question, my son is a year old, and I’ve noticed a bald spot on his hair. His grandmother doesn’t have hair, his grandfather lost his hair when he had leukemia when he was a child, and his dad has a little bit of hair, but 80% if his head is bald. I am at lost on what to do, will my sons bald spot grow in the meantime? A little encouragement will do. Thank you


My daughter suffered with alopecia once when she was 4 shes 10 now and I put pure extra virgin olive oil on the bald spots and her Hair grew and she never had that problem again.

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I would talk to his Dr.

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If it’s from laying on his back it will grow

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Did he have cradle cap that was tough to get rid of? If left untreated for a certain amount of time, it can lead to bald patches. I had to use prescription shampoo for my son’s head, and he still has two teensy bald spots and a bit of a widows peak going on still and hes almost 7.


Their hair is thin and fragile if they sleep on on side or lay on the back alot then it would cause the bald spots otherwise there could always be another reason

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My son was born with the old man hairstyle just spoke the back of the head and sides. He didn’t get hair on top fully till after a year old. Now he’s got thin clear blonde hair, that curls everywhere now


My son was born with the monk 'do. (Bald in middle of scalp, hair around) his hair filled in over the first yr. If u went to/talked to his Dr. then its just a waiting game. I was freaked out by it too. Ur not alone.

my son lost all of his hair on the top of his head from cradle cap. I did a milk bath soak one night and it was gone in the morning and never came back. I used a baby comb and combed as much as I could put after letting it soak for 5-10 minutes

My eldest was bald until he was nearly two, he actually didn’t even have eyebrow’s at birth, I would think that the hair will grow in over time

Both my babies had bald spots where they rubbed the hair away and it did grow back. Nothing you’ve stated would really give cause to think he would remain bald unless alopecia is a common in his gene pool. I did know a guy who had a very small bald spot on his head (quarter or smaller in size) where hair refused to grow because he had a birthmark there but I’m sure your son will grow his hair back.

My son was born with a bald spot. He has no hair follicles at all and that layer of his dermis is missing. His hair covers it, but that area will never grow… he’s 5.

Babies often roll all around in bed, turn head in carseats they both rub the hair, babies (I had three, they are now 35, 30,30), lose a lot if their baby hair for the first year, its very fine, but it does grow back, and if you’re super concerned take him to a dermatologist. But he sounds like regular baby to me.

He’s only 1-year old…his hair will eventually grow out…

My son at birth had hair. Than at 1 had lost all his hair. By 18 months grew back. It was curly and thick. Try not to worry

Is the bald spot on back of head?

Is there a medical reason why it wouldn’t? That would probably have to be answered by your pediatrician.

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My daughter is 1 and is still pretty much bald. My son was as well.

oh yes no worries for the first couple years it comes and goes it is so fine and gets rubbed off

If you want answers I’d say take your child to a dermatologist- he or she should be able to give you some factual answers that I think may reassure you!

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