With COVID happening, who did you let around your baby when they were born?

I’m due to have my baby in 6 weeks and am just wondering what other moms have decided to do to take precaution about covid19/coronavirus. I’m not sure how long I should wait to let others that don’t live in my home hold the baby… such as grandparents and other family. Just looking for advice and opinions


I honestly would probably be a huge pain in the ass and require that anyone who wanted to visit to either quarantine for 2 weeks or get the COVID test or antibody test. But I’m the mom who wouldn’t let people around my babies unless they got the whooping cough vaccine or were already up to date on it.

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I’m following because I’m due August 4th and I have the same questions!

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Infants and children have a statistically higher chance of being struck by lightning than dying of Covid. I work in a daycare center in the infant room and we have not closed at all through any of this and have had zero cases in my room of 8 infants. Let your family enjoy your baby.


I have a 11 week old… We not long moved house/ town so we live away from most family now. But we went down an visited them a few times.
we were very cautious with those washing their hands before holding him. No one touch his face. Even had just my mum hold at my mums an those just seen him rather then touch him…
One of my sisters were sick so we didn’t go to her house (So stayed away from those were sick)

Another thing is - going to shops really paid attention to those that coughed or looked sick an walked away from them. Made sure he was covered with the hood of pram just to stop randoms coming up wanting to look at him (didn’t want people breathing all over him)
Also… touching things while I was out made sure I kept sanitizer if my hands especially before picking him up.

I waited til he had his first lot of needles to start going out more (8 weeks) Cos I just felt before that age u should be cautious of a lot an not just corona

So we basically allowed our parents, an siblings.

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I’m due in a couple weeks, my SO and I decided just close family. They must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. No kissing on baby, possibly going to ask them to wear a mask. And if someone is sick it’s a no-go.

my kods are 13 10 9 and they still are only around immediate family and their closest friends. its very very small circle. i would keep it to immediate family and not all at once

Close Family and close friends

So if you’re going to be within 6 feet of someone for over 15 minutes, wear a mask. The longer you’re around someone the higher your statistical chances are of being exposed. That being said, my friend is exercising caution by not letting anyone around her 1 month old still other than the people in her home

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My daughter just had my first grandbaby 2 weeks ago she let siblings/ grandparents all have to wash hands and wear face mask when actually holding her…

My friend had a baby in late May and she was told no one but mom and dad for 6 weeks. Than continue to limit to family and close friends only.

No one. My son was born right as everything kicked off and he hasn’t met anyone that doesn’t live on my property.


No one. Just immediate family.

We are due in Sept and we have decided that if people truly love us and want what’s best for our family they will understand that we are no allowing visitors.

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No one, except immediate family.

I just had a baby in May. We went out when she was 4 days old, I wrapped her in a moby wrap on me. We have carried on normal lives just like we did with our first. We have been out and about, been around people and family. We have always said to wash hands, but that’s just a give me with infants. But you do what you feel is right for your baby.

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My niece was born 3/21. We just met her.

I’m due in 8 weeks. We will be requiring masks and hands washed by all, no sick individuals as of right now, but if COVID continues to surge again, that may change.

Anyone that sees the baby should wash their hands a wear a mask (obviously the mask is for people outside the home). This isn’t a time to be lenient. I made sure my close family were up to date on shots, and if they didn’t agree to that, they couldn’t see the baby till she had her first set of shots. They chose to get shots. Any family member that wants to see your baby will agree to whatever guidelines you set. I made sure anytime someone held my baby they washed their hands and did not kiss her hands or around her mouth. You can still cuddle a baby perfectly fine without kissing on them. Some think I was strict but hey, my baby didn’t get sick and I’m ok with the rules I set. This was before covid. I would’ve made them wear a mask if I had my baby during this pandemic.

I would suggest immediate family only and only after you know washing their hands! (Although I made sure people washed their hands before holding my littles before COVID-19) but definitely ensure that they do that and no one else besides immediate family until they are at least 8 weeks old(other than the pediatrician)