Worried about infections after a miscarriage: Advice?

Me and my oh had unprotected sex four days after the miscarriage. I didn’t get any aftercare after it was confirmed by the doc. It was five weeks. We are grieving, and it just kind of happened… Most of the bleeding had gone back to spotting before sex but started again afterward. No one warned me about infection, but I’m now terrified as I’ve been told about infections from a friend. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I feel awful, so please don’t judge, people grieve differently. We don’t plan on doing it again until a few weeks as we’re now worried.


Let’s ask the facebook scientists before we talk to a doctor.


I got pregnant 2 weeks after my 8 week miscarriage( 6th miscarriage and about to give birth with my next csection in 7 days … If you have an infection or worry about one go to the hospital or a dr better safe then sorry …

Is this for real?? You really should be seeing a doctor not asking Facebook.


See a doctor, you cant keep being cheap with your health. If you used a condom I doubt this would even be a worry at this point


You need to go get rechecked. It isn’t the smartest thing to just go unchecked. Sepsis kills and can come on very quickly. I’m not sure what kind of crap your friend is going on about infection. I’ve had two losses. Both times it was recommended not to be sexually active till all the bleeding stopped to prevent damage and because your body is more susceptible to STDs and whatnot. But the only way you’re going to get an infection is if your partner has other partners and/or you both don’t practice good hygiene. So if you’re concerned then something is definitely wrong with the choices you’re making. You’re not just going to get an infection from the act itself. Also kind of concerning you’re bleeding after the bleeding had slowed. I would definitely go back in. Better to have a bill than to be dead.


Are you having signs of infection? Pain, temp? Or is it your thoughts that are the problem.
If you have signs of an infection, put your device down and go see a doctor.
If its just your thoughts and fears, still put the device down and go for a walk, relax, and pamper yourself. You are doing fine.
Sorry for your loss :pensive:


I would definitely go see my doc if I were you.

If you feel fine just go about your life.
Before FB we knew nothing about all of this stuff and nobody I knew died.

Its baffling how ignorant some of you can be she had a miscarriage take off your Facebook armor and have a fucking heart shes worried about herself, hell when I was pregnant and thought my water had broken the first thing I did was ask the mom Facebook group I was in because healthcare is expensive and a unnecessary trip sometimes isnt in the bill so like a rational person asking people who have experienced the same things can settle the nerves and answer some questions

You should see a doctor. Also, you can’t control what others think but you can stop telling fb all of your business…ijs​:woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5:


I work at a gynecologist office. I would make a follow-up appointment with them to make sure all is well. So very sorry for your loss :pray:


How ugly you guys are. She just asking for some advice I’m sure she’ll go to the Dr shame on you hater


One: I am DEEPLY sorry for your loss, miscarriages are never easy… EVER. Two: I’m glad you found comfort in each other to find some human touch, it’s so important when you’re feeling pain. Thirdly: I’ve never heard of an infection post miscarriage but I’m no gynecologist. despite how insensitive some of these comments are… they do have some truth to it. Seek medical advice and please reach out if any therapy for your emotions are needed. Again- my heart goes out to you. I was told at my first ultrasound my baby was going to die, I had weeks of emotional heartbreak waiting for him to pass. These things are NEVER easy.

I did it sooner than four days and didn’t get an infection. Unless you have symptoms, I wouldn’t worry about it.


First off why wouldn’t you get aftercare? Your reproductive health is important and sometimes requires extra care. Secondly, I’m no dr but it very well could be your cervix was manipulated causing bleeding again however it’s best to make an appt with your OBGYN


I thought, as women, we are supposed to be supportive of our sisters. Alot of these are real asshole comments. We all do things that aren’t the wisest if choices at the time. This young lady just lost a baby and ya"ll who are judging and being witches should be ashamed of yourself. When I had sex before recommended, I was seeking closeness and comfort not sex. I was devastated I needed in that moment, to feel validated and not blamed for losing our baby. Ya"ll are some mean, judgemental people. Hope you never make an unwise decision and seek advice afterwards.


Keep an eye on your temp, bleeding, and any changes in your vaginal discharge. If you start having bad abdominal pain (aside from the normal miscarriage cramps), a temp that’s above 99, and a change in the smell and color of your discharge/bleeding, definitely be seen. I had endometritis that turned into sepsis after giving birth to my 2nd child and it’s nothing to play around with. The abdominal pain was unbearable, I had chills, a temp of almost 104, and felt like I was close to death. It’s highly recommended to not have sex after birth, a d&c, or miscarriage. However, that doesn’t mean that you will for sure get an infection. Just keep a close eye on things for the next week or two!!

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